Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 12: Leave it to Tsumugi [FINAL + Overall Review]

Kazuma learns that he has be appointed to the role as Ogami for the festival. He practices with Tsumugi, Madoka, Ui and Hina. When things become more awkward between Kazuma and Ui, Tsumugi confronts Ui who finally admits that she likes Kazuma more than a friend. Tsumugi decides to put a plan into motion but having Ui take her spot as Megami and plot with Madoka to set them up.


*NOTE: I couldn’t screencap the last scene because it completely pixelated on me DX and I couldn’t get alot of good screen-caps because it constantly blurred on me =3=
Hm, this was actually a pretty darn good way to wrap it up. The episode wave very cute, and I really liked how Tsumugi decided to switch places with Ui pretending to be sick and having Hina back her up. I’m pretty darn sure that Hina was part of the plan since didn’t waste a second in backing up Tsumugi’s request to Ui.
The confession was very sweet. There’s no denying it, but I have to admit it’s a real bummer that it felt so rushed and forced. I think it would’ve been more, hm… what’s the word… special, if we actually got some real chemistry between Kazuma and Ui, and spent more time on their relationship development. Honestly it doesn’t feel like they got much time, let alone a major conversation whatsoever throughout this show. Then again, this is a harmen, but I have seen a few where the character actually spends time together, talk and have real chemistry with the ‘fated’ girl and made it feel a lot more romantic. And because of that, it made this confession feel rather bland.
And finally, I’m surprised that they decided to BLANK OUT the kiss. I mean seriously? WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? *FACEPALM* Ah well, to be honest because I wasn’t moved or anything it didn’t really matter – nor did I ship Ui x Kazuma so I’m not missing out on it much.
Overall Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is an okay show. At first I did hold some hope that this would be a good romance, but by the time we got to episode five I knew things weren’t going to live up to my expectations.
Overall Score
Story/Plot: 5/10 – The story is cute and was enjoyable at times, but unfortunately I found most episodes to be quite boring.
Characters and Development: 4/10 – No significant character development, poor ‘conclusions’, most of the characters were boring. Ui managed to have the most development out of all the characters, although it was only the last episode where as she actually admitted she liked Kazuma more than a friend or brother.
And then there were the FAIL Rejection Recovery.
Scenario #1: REJECTED
“Oh hey I like you!” – Girl X
“Oh sorry I don’t like you that way.” – Kazuma
“….” *Girl X starts crying*
“I’m sorry” – Kazuma *walks away*
*Girl X runs up to a cliff and screams her lungs out*
“Ah all better. Screaming beats a heartbreak any day!”
Scenario #2: REJECTED
“I’ve always liked you!!!” – Girl Y
“…Sorry.” – Kazuma
*Girl Y cries in his arms*
“Ah all better I just needed to get your shirt wet as part of my revenge.” – Girl Y
+ This characters failed to connect with the audience, whatsoever for moments that were supposed to or at least implied to be touching or emotional.
+ There were only three girls competing for Kazuma’s love among the six.
Animation Quality: 9/10
As much as this show had terrible characters and development, it had very good animation. They were also really creative such as Ui’s ‘food lock on’ and made things a bit more interesting in that way. And then you got the fanservice scenes – I could care less about that because that’s not my source of interest but for those who loveeee that stuff, well news to you they done rather a DETAILED job besides the censoring scenes. Either way you folks probably enjoy it since there’s likely to be an uncensored version anyhow.
OST: 8/10 – Pretty Simple and Cute, I really liked the festival’s music too.
Recommended: Not really. Well if you like harems that are super cliched, and may I say for most part boring, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU! At first I actually thought this was going to be good since I was realllllyyyy looking forward to romance. Yes we got some romance at the end including the BLANK OUT of the kiss (what a shame), but I think it would’ve been better to see more chemistry and development between Ui and Kazuma rather than smack it all together for the last episode. If you’re looking for fanservice, then just watch episode five, six and eight. As for me, I will never watch this show again.


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  1. This anime was just bad… The best thing I liked about it was that I wanted to make so many .gif of Ui XD (“food lock on” my favorite XD)
    Worst anime of the season? I think so… It’s either that or Lotte…. (still can’t decide)

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