Here goes this last episode!Akagi is complaining about the “shitty game” award that was given to hers and Kuroneko’s game Man, does she ever complain. Kuroneko, on her side, feels way too badass to be complaining, deals with it like a big girl and beats up the judges in the background. But we’re not supposed to know that.

Since Akagi is completely going insane over her anger, Kuroneko tells her to make another game and joins in as well, because she wants


the bashers to be completely speechless over their game I liked the beating up idea better. Afterwards, Kyousuke goes back home, has a talk with Saori, and in the end has nostalgic memories of him and Kirino, showing how much he misses her Oh, the emotion sniffles.
The next day, we are shown how much Kyousuke is an independent child for once still enslaved to Kirino, just temporarily on break and how much Kuroneko doesn’t need her help anymore cool, now make Kirino come back. Nao. Next thing you know, Kyousuke gets a text from Kuroneko saying “I need to see you NAO” and then from Kirino saying “throw away my collection I gave to you for safekeeping NAO”. Kyousuke, being enslaved to both, doesn’t know what to do however he goes for Kirino’s problem first bwahahah and tries to understand why she asked him to do that.
Sweet comparison. 🙂

After a few phone calls and arguments with Ayase, Kyousuke arrives late for the meeting with Kuroneko, super depressed, and Kuroneko delays the matter she had to talk about with him in order for him to talk about his feelings for Kirino.With this, Kuroneko tells Kyousuke to get his ass going and to go get Kirino because she’s his Master because he’s really worried and she’s probably in trouble.
After this, Kuroneko then tells him how grateful she is to him and basically confesses to him without the words “I like you” included, and then asks what he can do. Kyousuke, being a good guy, ignores what she said and decides to DITCH because he has to go for Kirino Kthxbye.
I was gonna mention the kiss part but it's cuter in a picture ^.^

Anyways, it then takes 2 seconds and a half and look at that he is on a plane on his way to America well, lucky bastard, you sure have a lot of money and very lenient parents O.O. He asked his parents, they said yes in a matter of seconds it only happens in TV shows and movies…and he is now on his way.

Now in front or Kirino’s door, he has no second thought, knocks and goes OHAAAAAAI while Kirino looks at him, wondering wtf he’s doing there that’s understandable. She then goes all tsundere on him, bitches at him much more than anyone else could Oh, how I missed it and then they start playing eroge together   Oh, the romantic date sigh  There’s definitely something wrong here.
With this, Kirino goes even more bitchy tsundere, then finally explains (after Kyousuke has asked) why she hasn’t contacted anyone since she started. She wanted to beat at least one athlete in the time trial before she could contact anyone, however she hasn’t yet and while she’s explaining this to Kyousuke goes all depressed and starts crying sniff Awww...
Kyousuke then decides that he’s taking over this time he’s the one ordering her around and tells Kirino to get the hell back home or I’ll kick your ass while crying because he’s just so lonely at home! To continue on this road of cheese, Kirino then states that she will, and they go back home together and they live happily ever after! As master and slave.
Pffiouh. Let’s take a breath.
Caps Lock invasion incoming
Ugh. I’m mad -.-. But anyways, let’s go back to the episode before it was ruined…
There was a lot of american-like cheezy romance in there, and surprisingly except for the ending which I will go back to afterwards it didn’t bother me that much. I usually really don’t like cheezy american stuff that much, especially in animes, but for some reason this time I liked it and found it really cute. I guess with Kuroneko’s constant insulting, her obvious liking for Kyousuke and with Kirino’s return with her ultimate bitching that I for some reason love now when I used to hate it, add to that the cuteness of it and I got over the clichéd parts and still enjoyed everything greatly. The idea that Kyousuke’s parents let him go on a plane like that in less than a day though… That was a bit too much… –-‘ Oh well, we saw Kirino again so whatever.
I missed that girl so much! Her bitching, her insults, her prettiness, her “I will have my brother do everything I want despite him having a soul” side, she was a very good reason why I liked the show and not seeing her for 3 episodes straight got me waiting for her to come back. Although, I still feel bad for Kuroneko since she seemed to really like Kyousuke but because Kirino has enslaved taken him already she gave up and let him go. It’s sad :(.
Now… About the ending –
-‘. Ew. Seriously, I didn’t expect a show so great to have such a terrible way to end this! The concept of it was fine, Kirino came back, but the way Kyousuke brought her back was just way too ridiculous. Moreover, the way she suddenly won against the other girl and then ditched the camp that was actually very important to her for people she could have seen later on was just really dumb and Kyousuke was way too selfish on that with his speech. I also didn’t like how Kirino decided to come back right after he said he was lonely without her. It ended way too abruptly and terribly, and moreover once again they got on the plane right away without Kirino having to wait at all for her freakin’ ticket, and once more with tons and tons of money that Kyousuke must have stolen from somewhere Hey, you never know.
But back to Kyousuke’s “I’m so lonely without you I might just die!” speech. There’s a lot that can be said about it. My first thought was “Omg Kyousuke, you’re really gonna mess up her life and what she actually wants to do simply because you’re feeling lonely? -_-‘ “. My second thought was “This is way too cheezy for my own mind, even though I can’t help but find it cute this is still ridiculous”. Then, I actually thought about it, and in a way I guess I like the fact that Kyousuke said that, for the simple reason that it makes him imperfect and not the perfect nice guy that all other anime characters are. He’s either selfish or just plain stupid, and that’s why he’s so awesome :).
So anyways. All this to say:
1) I’m sad that this is over
2) This was a great show
3) I can’t believe they fucked up the ending so badly
4) I still want a second season despite that
That is all. See you laterz people! :3 When the second season comes out *whistles*
*EDIT – April 9, 2012: A second season of Oreimo has been green-lit. No date has been announced yet, BUT IT’LL BE THERE!!!!*

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  1. TimesTicking

    Trutfully [True Route] wasn’t so great… I enjoyed it that they actually showed Kuroneko story but her story was pretty bad… Hopefully somehow they can make the manga longer cuz the manga is way behind… I heard the [True Route] was supposed to be the original ending? Not sure if it’s true or not o.o

    1. Myst

      I was also a bit disappointed with it, I haven’t read the manga though so I wouldn’t be able to compare. I’ve also heard that. Apparently, these 4 specials are the actual ending to the show, whereas the other one was just aired on TV to give some kind of an ending vibe. I really liked the idea of having two endings, however it’s true that Kuroneko’s route wasn’t the best and I liked Kirino much more than her.

  2. ryvrdrgn14

    The problem is that this really isn’t an ‘ending’ to the author because the light novels are still ongoing. It pretty much just ended a story arc. I can’t say that I am impressed with how rushed the last part seemed (and the lol-group-jump) though there are some things that I think were okay.
    Kirino, once reaching America, got pretty lonely and depressed. She couldn’t play her games and she made that dumb promise not to talk to her family and friends until she beat that girl. This in itself would have led her to underperform (perhaps significantly) which led to her being told to take a break by the coach and her losing consistently to that other girl.
    Once Kyousuke arrived and let her play some games and told her all that cheesy stuff and said he wanted to bring her back home (almost in a “you’re my girl and I’m bringing you back no matter what” kinda way) was perhaps enough to cheer her back up and she was able to race against the girl at 100% (or more) without the depression and loneliness to weight her down.
    Motivation and inspiration factor in a lot to performance. It’s not the only thing that matters, but people will generally see a huge drop in ability if they are bothered by other things. The ending just shows that Kyousuke brought everything that Kirino needed to feel better again and she managed to fight fairly (or perhaps unfairly… people might think she really sucked when she was depressed but she wouldn’t have made it to that camp if she was slow and maybe her opponent underestimated her in that last match… more on this in the novels when that girl she beat goes to Japan to find Kirino).
    The concept is there, but I will have to say the execution wasn’t so stellar. Book 8 sold pretty well (150,000 first week) though it was blown out of the water on all accounts by Haruhi book 10 (340,000++) when it was released recently. Maybe that will be enough to get more seasons out of this and perhaps get to see Kirino with more honest feelings.
    The group-jump-while-holding-hands thing kinda ruined it more than anything tho. ^_^;

    1. Myst

      LOL! Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, I actually didn’t notice that group jump XD I’m sure I’d agree with you though, that’s just way too corny for me O.o. The performance thing probably is true too, however I think what I hated the most in this was how cheesy everything was and how it was terribly done, like you said. Though, while what you say is true about the performance, it really wasn’t done well since we barely had time to figure out anything. This episode kinda felt rushed, actually :/.
      As for the second season, I believe. I do believe. And I always will just like TWoGK and its third season ;P

      1. ryvrdrgn14

        I think that part of the issue was that the anime did not show Kirino’s side and explain why she was sad/lonely so when Kyousuke just goes there we get this massive info dump with only one side being explained (Kyousuke’s) and we’re left to derive/guess the feelings of Kirino.

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