Yoshino’s birthday is around the corner, but Yoshino doesn’t even remember. Meanwhile Tori and Yuu are looking forward to that day to impress the one they love. But jealousy will make everything more difficult than it has to be.



That episode was really entertaining. The story might not revolves around my favorite couple, but at least we got to see a beautiful progression of a relationship. Everything in the episode was so cheesy, but it is that cheesiness that made it enjoyable.


The love story in the show are enjoyable to watch because you know everything will end well, but the character are just too childish or stubborn to realize and accept their happiness. There is no bad things ever really happening, the only obstacle to all the characters happiness are their own tought.


The main characters are always so afraid of hurting themselves by doing the wrong choice that they decide to instead not make any choice what so ever. While it is true that making decision can either leads to good or bad things, if you never take any risk in life, your life will be boring and you will never find true happiness. This is why one must sometime take the courage to step forward and take a risk. Shut your brain off for an instant and instead focus on your emotion, you can change your mind, but you can’t never change your feelings.

Drawing naked guy, now a normal friend activity


Jealousy was the main element of this episode, we were able to see what jealousy can do to a couple. I believe jealousy get worse the lower the self-confidence of the couple. In the story Yoshino seems to have no self-esteem what so ever and he is really afraid to show his love to Tori,  therefore it must be really hard for Tori to feel loved and secured in his relationship. No wonder he is so jealous when Yoshino and Yuu are going to a hot spring for Yoshino’s birthday, especially when the day before he saw them having a lot of fun and calling each other pervert. He also knows that Yuu loves Yoshino, so it is not like he has no reason to feel concerned and be mad.

Touching each other genitals, now a normal friends activity

The part I prefered of this episode was the ending, it was really hilarious, I just love Tori’s way to express himself, you can see such hatred in his eyes while everyone is laughing about him. That scene alone made this episode absolutely awesome for me. It was so cheesy and no love was involved, but it was just the perfect way to relieve the tension at the end of the episode, it made you feel everything was back to normal and all the major problem were, at least momentarily, solved.

You will pay for that



Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi really seems hit or miss lately, but this episode was a hit. I had much fun watching it and it kept me smiling the whole episode, I feel sad that this show turned out to be so unpredictable in its enjoyment value from an episode to the next, because the good episodes are really good.


ZeroG signing off