Toriko Episode 10: Sani makes his beautiful entrance

Oh, look at me, I'm just so beautiful~

I’m glad I continued watching the show, so far I’m really into it and it’s only getting better. Ahh, Toei Animation, I knew I was
Komatsu's reaction when he saw Sani = Priceless.

right to trust you… If you could take out the annoying summaries and even more annoying opening now I’d be quite happy.
This week, Sani has made his flashy entrance! I love that guy. It seems as though he is the strongest of all 4 Heavenly Kings, even stronger than Toriko, and the fact that he can just beat anything without lifting a finger is insane. I still didn’t understand how he “cooked” that Rock Drum, but hey, he did it, and it was pretty damn awesome. His “touches” may be a little weird and freaky Think about it. Whatever he touches, he tastes and feels. Many things can be done with that whistles, but considering they make him destroy everything I got over it pretty fast. I love his “beauty talks”, he’s so full of himself and I find it really funny. His arguments with his “manly sister” Rin when he’s the “feminine brother” was also a good contrast.
If you could do more than just stare and be amazed, I think I'd be happy just like you look 🙂

Talking about Rin, so far I feel as though she’s just a failure who really sucks. She seriously hasn’t done much yet, and she’s only been messing up really badly since last episode. I’d like to see her fight properly one day… Also, it seems as though the only technique Toriko has to beat strong things is the 5-hit nail punch, and I kinda want to see more things that he could do.

I’m glad we got to know more about the bishokukai. The sous chef seems like an absolute maniac, he’ll probably end up being the strongest that Toriko will have to beat in the end… At least that’s my guess. As for Regal Mammoths, I think it’s safe to say that they are IMMENSE. I thought the baby one was big enough… I can’t even imagine the parent, gee.


That is all. See you next week~

2 thoughts on “Toriko Episode 10: Sani makes his beautiful entrance

  1. I am sorry, if you are looking forward to any good development from Rin… just set aside your expectations for now as it probably won’t ever happen. This was probably one of the disappointments for me in the manga as I was expecting her to be at least a frequent part of the cast, but alas…
    This was one of the last couple of arcs that I enjoyed from the manga. Probably the one after this as well (I think it was the Ice Hell arc), but after that I stopped following the story. I still check on it now and then but I haven’t found much reason to continue reading it yet. Again, Toriko is still ranked well in WSJ so it could just be me. >_>;

    1. D: But I like Rin…. Awww…
      So farm what I’d say I love the most about Toriko rather than the plot, I absolutely love the fight scenes and the characters. So, in the end, I don’t think I will be deceived, however I will keep going and see, maybe it does get boring. Meh, I hope not, because right now I’m really into it.

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