Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 12: Yuuma x Shark Tag Team FTW!

Fuck yeah :DThe tag duel between the bad brothers and Team Shuuma Shark and Yuuma continues. The brothers continuously and far too conveniently back each other up with the perfect solution to counter their opponents attacks and monsters. Yuuma puts himself on the line using Aspiring Emperor Hope’s effect despite it being dealt damage in order to keep Shark in the game, but soon finds himself to unable to use Hope at all.  Finally after getting fed up with it, Shark points out that the two have been cheating by disabling auto shuffle which allows them to know exactly what’s in their opponent’s hands and deck by simply having memorized it.  The brothers fire it right back at him by revealing his past where as he had cheated in the National Tournament by looking at his opponent’s deck. As the duel continues, the brother uses Volca Abyss, they not only allowed them to see Yuuma’s hand but Shark as well who was able to come up with a strategy for them to win. By activating Last Entrust he ends the battle phase immediately and gets to choose one card and add it to another player’s hand, which he had decided to pass Armored Exceed to Yuuma. By activating Shisha Sosei Yuuma revives Black Ray Lancer and then activates Armored Exceed to equip Aspiring Emperor Hope onto Black Ray Lancer allowing it to become somewhat a number LOL HYBRID and defeat Volcasaurus before sending the equip monster to the graveyard to optain the chance to attack once more. With that they won. 😀

I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot throughout the entire episode. It was great! I absolutely loved Shark’s comeback and Yuuma’s dedication to protect Shark. I liked how Shark played the major offensive role while Yuuma focused mostly on defense until Shark gave Yuuma his magic card Armored Exceed  (thanks to his trap card Last Entrust) to equip Aspiring Emperor Hope to Black Ray Lancer – which was TOTALLY BADASS. LOVED IT. ♥ (And Yuuma also was able to keep the magic card).
I definitely would LOVE to see more Shark x Yuuma tag team because my god, it’s way more fun to watch than Yuuma dueling on his own and yapping at Astral and being an idiot he is.
Speaking of Astral, again he was very quiet except when Shark had pointed out that the brothers were in fact cheating by disabling their dueldisk’s auto-shuffle and he was like, “WUT? What does he mean? OH! OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!!”
As for Astral’s memories. I’m getting the impression since the last flashback told us Astral was born to ‘protect’ his world, is that in the end – his world was in fact destroyed or facing destruction as we speak. There’s a great possibility that the new villain we’re seeing in the preview – who appears to either suck away people’s souls, youth, life – whatever it may be, it connected to Astral’s mission to protect.
Back to Shark, we got his backstory on what really happened during that tournament. It looks to me that he was framed by his opponent who had purposely knocked his deck over (AND SERIOUSLY, WHO IS DUMB ENOUGH TO LEAVE THEIR DECK BEHIND ANYWAYS? THIS IS YGO, THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO CHERISH THESE THINGS LIKE TREASURE! AND THAT’S WHY I FIND IT SO SUSPICIOUS), and Shark couldn’t help but peek – but the difference was he didn’t touch it, nor did he steal it like the rumors have been going on about. Also it appears that this opponent may appear in the future episodes, though god knows how long that’d be. I’m going to assume Shark or Yuuma (or together) will end up entering the National Duel Competition at some point since that opponent’s face was not revealed. This could be a huge character development for Shark in particular to finally obtain victory over the duelist who (seems to have) set him up – something in which I’d like to see.
Last but not least, I have to mention that I really don’t like Freezerdon’s and Volcasaurus‘s sequence animation. It’s so freaking digitalized that ugh, it’s just terrible to look at, you can’t even see the monster clearly. It’s really too bad that they couldn’t restrain abusing every ‘considered-special‘ or Number monsters being like that like they had in YGO 5Ds. And I was watching this in HQ so it’s not the bad quality that throwing this off for an exchange.


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