The group hunt Yeager down only to fail catching him when he uses a toy hologram to distract them and lose them, only Bruno noticed it and he and Yusei resumed pursuiting him. They find Yeager at a factory and cautiously follow him inside. However, they find themselves not only separated, but trapped when the lock down occurs. The one recieving the program from Yeager was in fact Yliaster who was using it to program what looks to be an army of GHOST. Yusei runs into Yeager who is trying to escape only to be again, locked down and Yusei forced to duel a robot that has a record of all his duels and strategies, specifically made to stall him. Bruno on the other hand gets lost, but finds the room where GHOST is being installed by the program only to get knocked out after seeing Yliaster and triggering a memory.

Sorry for the bad summary ;A;
…. WHOA, WHAT? IT’S OVER? THE EPISODE’S OVER? Snap, I was so caught in watching it I was completely caught off guard when it finished on me!
This episode is pretty important considering it’s now confirmed Yliaster is behind this and they plan to use the program for what looks to be a freaking GHOST army. it’s also interesting how Yeager is simply being used to do jobs but isn’t actually being told of what plans Yliaster has. Most importantly, Bruno looked to have remembered or at least sensed a memory when he saw Placido before being knocked out. I do wonder how Yliaster is connected with him, but hopefully Bruno can wake up and stop the program even though it might already be too late.
Also Yliaster has this strange sort of power. Luciano was able to change appearances, Placido has some sort of power to make a machine come to life or whatever – these guys are really insane. But the bigger question is, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY FROM?! They got tablets falling from space, so is that supposed to mean they are like Aliens or something?! OMFG, ALIENS IN YUGIOH? HAHAHA THAT’D BE PRETTY AWESOME. Then again, duel monsters came from space (I think?) so they are aliens too… AH FORGET IT. I’M BABBLING NONSENSE!
The dueling robot is definitely advanced technologies and it’s even stranger how it has the records of Yusei’s duels so it knows how to stall him. Yusei has no choice but to change his strategies or make a whole new one right on the spot.
One of the things that made me happy was seeing the aggressive side of Yusei, a side of him in which we haven’t seen in quite a while. I wanted to smack my head on the keyboard when Yusei went on about “BONDS” in the beginning of the episode, but when he looked pretty pissed off and actually grabbed Yeager and smacked him into the wall trying to interrogate him, I was like, “THAT’S BETTER!”
And finally, Bruno and his tools – *claps* that’s just awesome  man. You’re prepared for anything, you can use it as weapons, yeah that’s badass. *SHOT*


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