Bleach 330: QQ Cry more whiny bitch


Nozomi and Kon are feeling depressed lately, things have not been going so well in their life as of late. Will they find the spark of life again or stay depressed forever?



Nozomi feels emo…again. She goes around crying everywhere and suffering in silence, wanting to die. That character really bothers me, she is indeed a burden, but not because she can’t fight or protect anyone, she’s a burden because she is such a whiny little bitch that can’t be happy for anything. To make matters even worse, Kon is now just as bad. He walks around aimlessly and feels down. To be honest, I like Kon better as an awkward emo teenager than his usual self. At least when he feels depressed he doesn’t speak all the time and become the center of attention in every frame he’s in.


Oh look! what are they...nevermind I really don't care

This episode was really boring to watch. This episode was supposed to be a continuation of a great fight of power. But no, instead we got a little cute episode where everyone cried and bitched about everything. I don’t watch bleach for the character development or for some kind of romance or cute stuff. Bleach is about people hitting each other with sword and looking bad ass. This show should really learn to know its place. I would rather watch a meaningless fight between characters I don’t care about than see an episode with a story, characters I care about, but no fighting what so ever.


What we learned that we didn’t know before in this episode is that Kageroza seems to be doing everything he is doing for the sake of the male first mod soul. That scene last about 2 minutes, but it is one of the only meaningful scene of the show, so we better look at it more. Kageroza is really messed up after the fight between him and the captain, but it seems they won in the end nonetheless. But how will Kageroza heal from such deep wounds and who else survive the fight? Ok that last question was kind of stupid, of course no character can die, but we can always try to forget that fact for the sake of making things interesting.


might need some patching up dude

At the end of the episode Nozomi finally revealed her zanpakuto that she didn’t even knew she had. Now she can fight too ! woohoo. I really couldn’t care less, in fact I think things would have been more interesting if that hollow just killed her instead. That way Kageroza’s plan would be done and the arc would be able to end sooner to make way to something better than this instead. But no, now that bitch will try to protect everyone and fight for herself…sigh.


She's not useless anymore! But she is still a whiny bitch



Another boring episode of Bleach, still a lot more to come I think unfortunately, It might not be the worse show I watched, but when those filler arc plays I do question why I bother following Bleach at all. I guess in the end I’m just a masochist.


ZeroG signing off



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