Bleach 332: Nozomi is still emo


Nozomi has finally her Shikai, but no one is willing to trust her potential just yet, she is repetitively rejected by everyone and she feels depressed from it.



Oh wow this episode was so ridiculous. I had a hard time taking anything seriously.




Komamura was growling the whole show, he said about one sentence and then proceeded to growl like a chihuahua for the other 20 minutes of the show. How can you possibly take him seriously when he looks so clumsy and growl all the time. Every time he appeared I felt like I was going to roll to the floor laughing, there was no way you could feel threaten by that little doggy.


Every captain when in full power were completely different from their originals. Byakuya was such a jerk (more than usual) and he kept insulting everyone to feel better. He had no nobility to what he did, It was really hard to find respect for him while he was fighting, it made things extremely one-sided, you really couldn’t care less about Byakuya winning the fight, you only want to see him dead.


Bukkake time !

The first half of the show consist of Nozomi running around and being unwanted. It was ok for the first two times it happened, but after she was told to “GTFO” for the 10th time in under 5 minutes, it started to feel a little repetitive. Nozomi get away from here ! Nozomi pease go away! Nozomi don’t stand so close to me! Nozomi escape ! Nozomi do a barrel roll! Seriously the thing was getting old after the second time, I felt like a was watching a kids show. They really wanted to make sure that the audience understand that she was disappointed that no one wanted to help her. BUT, in the end they all put their strength together and trusted Nozomi for the first time…aww such a cute beautiful ending… Seriously that was bullshit. Isn’t Bleach 13+? Shouldn’t we see something aimed to, at the very least, early teenagers? I’m sure Teen have had their shares of “Friends and Magic”. I expect the content of the show to be a little more mature. I understand that nothing too intelligent will come of it, it is Bleach after all, but little story like today are really way too childish for me to take even remotely seriously.


Smells like roasted pride

At the end of the episode Yamamoto finally appeared, maybe now things will be a little more even, even if each time he appears he end up losing badly. I have never seen him win a definitive victory in anything he did.




Another boring, meaningless and dull episode of Bleach, but with time I will become so used to those shitty episode that I will start watching scat porn so much I’ll be in love with shit. Oh mighty scat porn.


ZeroG signing off

3 thoughts on “Bleach 332: Nozomi is still emo

  1. Oh all the reigai are now shit powerful, let’s bring out Nozomi’s shikai as a DEUS EX MACHINA, that can beat captains in ONE HIT. -_- Please don’t give her a bankai next…

    1. I was actually expecting her to get her bankai this episode, would have been sooo funny…

  2. bleach just needs to stick to the classic style of things and keep away from boring arcs like this

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