Blood C Ep 1: pretty noodle people and, shocker, BLOOD!!! oh dear. [First Impression]

did I mention I love this opening theme?! I would have children with this opening theme. yes it’s pretty generic but I am a schoolgirl pedobear nightmare for shounen openings with dramatic killings and swords and pretty ladies and TWIN BUTT BUMPING

I literally have been foaming at the mouth waiting for this. This post is only late because I wanted better quality for screens and shit.

Hello denizens. You might not know it but, I am an art student and I usually want to punch Clamp in the face for their noodle people. Let me also say I loved Blood Plus, mostly because I really liked Haji and Saya’s romance, and I liked how they took the whole Chiropteran thing. I still felt there were things it needed to improve on, such as pacing and I wanted more fight scenes. So this anime’s first episode was of great interest to me. I wanted to see it from it’s announcement date onward. And I can only say this about it, this entry is serious and doesn’t mention the events because this entire episode was so vague. It was like getting the outer edges of a puzzle and not the center. Anyway, on with the review.

As a first glance I will say what’s wrong with it first. It was kind of boring, but not in the bad sense I guess. In the, oh, first half of the first harry potter movie where you’re like OKAY AND NOW WHAT? I feel really great things on the horizon. In fact it’s been such a long time I felt really good about an anime on the air. I really deeply enjoyed Madoka but that appealed to me from the moment I put it on. Blood C has the potential for greatness that we’ll really be able to see well, tomorrow. If the anime becomes a school girl nightmare about friendship, I will probably drop it and the potential the series has will be squandered. What this series needs to do is take something special and make it something special.

What was good about Blood+ is that it had a very interesting mythos behind it. I think if it had been 25 episodes and had more compelling characters it would be in my top ten with no problem. Blood C however, has those materials in place. If they can give Saya and interesting mythos and balance the perfectionist tendencies she has, I will really enjoy this show. In fact, I could stomach her abilities and perfection in almost everything just by remembering that in Blood+, that would make perfect sense. A monster killing machine that’s not good at sports would be kind of..well, you’d either be trying too hard to relate to otakus, trying not to make her perfect, or all in all just failing at continuity. I feel like this show has a lot in store for us and I’m excited because of that. If this show fully utilizes all it has, it could really be a fantastic anime. We haven’t seen too many of those lately and so I’m really proud to be covering this myself. I recommend it right now to anyone, and if I change my mind in the next few episodes you’ll definitely know.

Aside from the serious note, HOMG, I really like the characters. Which is strange because I am so sick of high school stories right now. I really want to see some murder gore mystery theme going on, and I want to see Saya’s friends be involved. I’d also like it if she was in badass mode more often than not. I really like how her eyes are gray usually, meaning she’s not some mary sue with blood red eyes. HOMG IS SHE PRETTY. saya is SO pretty. Unf. If I ever learn to make wigs I’d LOVE to cosplay her because she is….gorgeous! She has a lot of qualities I hate but she’s also interesting, and like I said, there is so much I don’t freakin know! I have no idea from this episode what this show will become. I can only tell you it has the aesthetics, music, PRETTY OPENINGS YAY, and characters to become something great. We’ll see tomorrow if it’s on it’s way to generic, or if it intends to become the first BLOOD series to full utilize all of it’s materials.

….and because it can’t be said enough





3 thoughts on “Blood C Ep 1: pretty noodle people and, shocker, BLOOD!!! oh dear. [First Impression]

  1. The first episode was eh little OK, hopefully the next episode will be better.

    1. I hope the next episode will be better too, I really like Blood +, but that first episode was quite meh

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