Dantalian No Shoka episode 3: Creepy


There is once again more trouble with a phantom book, but it seems that this time will be a lot different from the usual “trouble”.


I am a little speechless after this episode, I have a feeling that something was supposed to happen or something did happen, but I just never saw it. I have this strange feeling that this episode was not absolutely meaningless and in fact will lead to something interesting, but I simply lack the intellect to grasp the consequences of what I witnessed this episode.

So what happened exactly this episode? They were sent to destroy a phantom book, but turn out the child who used the book are no longer human and just give the book away and won’t cause any problem anymore? This is no real story, there was no action involves, in fact there was no problem what so ever in the end. But was it uninteresting to watch? not at all, it was quite interesting to see those child who had become so wise. But what does the wisest of all do? absolutely nothing, because trying to do something would be quite the unwise decision. Therefore the book, while creating monster, it made them so wise that they were no threat to anyone or anything, in fact their knowledge and wisdom won’t have any impact on anything. It is really interesting and creepy at the same time.

Side note, I hate niconico subs

The other thing that happen was burglars who came into the house searching for a special book, and when they found it they died? An african carnivorous plant that feed on human greed? That is interesting too, the thief were looking for greed and their greediness lead them to their doom.

So many things happening for nothing with no meaning, this is confusing. the worst part is, this does not shock me, I don’t feel disappointed from the lack of anything, the show has this huge creepy aura around it and I feel that this episode was really seriously creepy. It is difficult to explain, the contrast between the great calm and the chaotic and savage paranormal around it, it just makes for a weird atmosphere.

On a lighter note, Dalian really is Victorique no.2, not only is it the same voice actress, but the character act the same way in front of sweets. I must say that I find it a bit boring, since we just finished with Gosick and I was not desperate to see a character so similar to Victorique just yet. At the very least the world of Dantalia no shoka is a lot creepy and more mysterious than the world of Gosick, I guess there is always a bright side after all.


I feel this show will give me headache in no time, and this is what it should be about. I still have no clue of what I just watched, but that is why I believe I might love this anime, or hate it, I have no idea.

ZeroG signing off

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