Hidan no Aria Overall Review

Hidan no Aria is about a boy named Kinji who has this special ability known as Hysteria Mode (I call it Badass Mode) and suddenly finds himself forced upon being Aria’s partner, a girl who vows to clear her mother’s name and released from prison after having been framed and accused for several incidents by finding the culprits behind it.
Story/Plot: 4/10
The plot sounds simple, but there’s actually a lot more to it than meets the eye. It turns out rather than just clearing Aria’s mother’s name, they actually find themselves trying to protect others that are being targeted by an organization known as E.U. However the only thing that really got to me was we never actually learned what had happened to Kinji’s brother, whom had died off screen way back in the past during a mission (this is mentioned early on so it isn’t a spoiler *SHOT*). Then there are several other questions that have been raised but weren’t exactly cleared up or were brought up and never given any explanation whatsoever. Perhaps if they restrained on the amount of fanservice and gags, we might’ve been able to get more depth of the plot.

Characters and Development: 5/10
For every single character, we were able to get a backstory that explained why they behaved the way they did, where they are getting their motives from, what’s happening behind the scene – and of course, unexpected twists. Although I have to say despite getting all that background info, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of development. Out of all the characters I believe it’s Riko who got the most development, but it makes you scratch your head because… she isn’t the main character.
The characters by all mean were very entertaining and likable, and from what I hear, Reki is is damn popular herself despite not having much screen time. (Heck I’m a fan of her too *SHOT*)


Animation Quality: 7/10
For most part, it was good quality but throughout the show it faltered quite a bit. There’s definitely a plus for their digitalized animation such as the E.U robots, close of up of the guns, it was nicely done. However when it came to the censoring, there were some scenes where there it wasn’t really necessary, such as censoring a bra. =_= I mean really, a freaking bra. It’s an undergarment, clothing, it’s not like she’s naked! Naked, I get it, censoring it necessary but really, it was pretty annoying to see that misty streak across the screen over a small thing like that.
OST: 8/10
I loved both the OP and ED, both singles are very enjoyable to listen to. The OST was very fun and exciting to listen to, so it’s something which I wouldn’t mind adding to my Anime OST Collection. 😀

Recommended: Depends on your Taste so both Yes and No, but isn’t to be taken too seriously.
While Hidan no Aria was definitely not my favorite of the season, it was enjoyable enough to watch to the point that I am able to say, “Yeah it’s okay” and continue watching/covering it without feeling like I have to force myself. Just make sure you don’t have high expectations for this. Since people have grown wary of J.C Staff after their epic failure with Yumekui Merry from the last season (and quite a few from the past), most of us started with very low expectations and really, it’s better off that way. However we have to remember, it all depends on the director and the scriptwriter. It’s up to them how the storyline goes and progresses. So since Hidan No Aria was not under the same director but in fact the same scriptwriter Hideki Shirane, who had only written up 5/12 episodes, including the finale of the show (episode 11 & 12) versus having written up all thirteen episodes for Yumekui Merry. I can tell you right now that rest assure, this wasn’t a major failure, you can potentially enjoy this show, but again, it won’t be your favorite. It probably would’ve been even more likable if we actually had less gags, more serious plot development, decent character developments and less plot holes that were caused by overused screentime of fanservice and matters that were brought up and completely forgotten.
Will I watch it again? Not likely.
If there’s a season 2 would I watch it?
Probably, but from what I heard there isn’t supposed to be since the sales are bad.


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  1. As I percieve, There seems to be about 3 or 4 light novels in a 13 episode long season and there is a huge story arc about Reki during book 5 and 6 so if there is a second season, Reki is definitely going to be a main character in it

    1. That’ll definitely attract fans, including myself. XD Damn there aren’t any english version of the novels are there?

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