Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 3: Blood Rain and Pest Control



After narrowly avoiding a confrontation between Himea and Haruka, Taito defeats some invading bugs, with Mirai-chan (OMFG SO CUTEEEE) finishing them off. Himea has been tortured before at the hands of the church, and the concept of multiple worlds was introduced, with Taito’s high school being the intersecting point. Gekkou flashbacks over his parents death at the hands of Hinata, who turns out to still be alive. The sky then starts raining blood, killing Taito twice in the process.


Well, I’m not sure how to feel about this – on one hand I’m kinda happy about the depth into the storyline as well as useful flashbacks for once but I did feel that the pacing was quite unstable in this episode, as if it was trying to cram a lot of new concepts into one episode.

Anyway, we learn that there are higher-ups involved in this that consist of a ministry and a church (think Necessarius or Roman Catholic from Toaru Majutsu no Index) which have located where the many multiple existing worlds across, building a high school there OMG! Such clever people they are! They’ve also tortured Himea in the past, and were the people responsible for sealing her in the void (yup, that cube from episode 1).

Hinata is also revealed to be alive! No surprises there really. He sends a stronger minion than Mirai-chan to meet with Gekkou, who fails to exorcise the zombie thing using his Spell Error. Never mind Gekkou, you’ve now experienced what its like to be an anime protagonist with only one attack~ Gekkou also has an interesting flashback on how Uchiha Itachi Hinata killed his parents for a new Sharingan more power through a 9-year contract. Unlike Itachi, I doubt he was an anti-hero, though he did seem close to his twin brother when they were younger. Hinata warns Gekkou to not keep Himea around, hinting that she may be hiding some sort of secret.

The pool was supposed to be a light moment (as well as for some Mirai-chan fanservice) though it quickly turned sour when Gekkou left and got himself nearly killed, as well as the sky randomly raining blood down. It’s definitely related to the supernatural, as it kills Taito twice without him realizing it, though suspiciously not harming Himea at all. The unnatural rain definitely is an asset to whoever is controlling it, as Taito himself only “blacked out” and lost a few of his renewing seven lives. Assuming it wasn’t Hinata, this leaves room for new antagonists, possibly the ones from the OP.

I feel that the characters are being fleshed out fairly well, though Himea still remains pretty much a mystery. Haruka has been noticeably pushed back, to the “just friends” category (hear that, Orihime?) and Himea is Taito’s main love interest as of now. There’s probably a lot more to Gekkou than they’ve let on so far, most probably about his past.

Well, they introduced a lot of new concepts and there was more background info – hopefully major plotline stuff comes along next week. Oh, and here, have a Mirai-chan.


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