Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 4: Tentacle Rape


Taito gets killed a third time by the blood rain and casually picks his arm off the floor afterwards and Himea explains that the rain is a form of magic. She then gets possessed by Ba’alskra, a weird blood tentacle monster, and chases Taito around the school, intent to kill him. She beats him up and kills him again and again, and is about to finish him off before Himea regains control and gets rid of Ba’alskra. Himea then asks Taito to have sex with her, and the episode ends with Haruka regaining control after being randomly possessed, waking up in a park.


So yeah, I double-click the episode and the first thing I see is Haruka’s pantsu. What a completely random way to start. Haruka seems down, and I can’t really blame her, since she’s been unofficially dumped by Taito in favour of Himea. Even her mother seems to have caught on that she crushes on Taito, though she’s still in the denial stage.

Even though Gekkou is on the “good” side, I still think he’s a royal dickhead, though not as much as his brother Kurenai. I mean, he randomly threw poor Mirai-chan into some abyss as a test to make sure it was safe ): They were only supporting characters this time round though, as the focus was the one-sided fight between Ba’alskra and Taito.

Ba’alskra turns out to have a complicated past with Himea, and has an unrequited yuri love for her. Himea had created Ba’alskra to accompany her, but Himea chose to leave Ba’alskra in the end and go to Taito instead. Ba’alskra therefore sought to kill Taito in the most gory way possible, raping him with her blood tentacles loads of times in the process. They look like Branches of Sin by the way, or at least a very similar concept. But seriously, the blood reached a new level this week, almost as if they are exploiting the seven lives Taito has just to give us viewers more blood.

Himea temporarily becomes a shounen protagonist for 30 seconds, and defeats the seemingly undefeatable enemy. The day is saved, yay! Then Himea asks Taito to have sex with him, and everything is- WAIT, WTF? I SIGNED UP FOR VAMPIRE PORN? I don’t know whether she’ll really have sex with Taito, but at most it’ll be censored or something =/ I thought Himea was referring to something else when she mentioned getting violated, but was she actually raped? This is making no sense at all…

Its clear that this anime isn’t the usual fantasy seinen series it was made out to be in the promo text, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. Blood and gore seem to be main elements in the show, and the blood is even used to subtly censor out some of Taito’s more gruesome deaths. The show has a nasty habit of advancing the plot a tiny bit, then moving to a whole new concept – its not even a cliffhanger, its to the extent that I have no idea what the fuck half the concepts are.

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