Kamisama Dolls episode 4: Double Trouble


We witness the fight between Aki and Koshiro and we discover a new Seki that no one saw coming.



The show is only at its fourth episode, why is there so much going and everything is so awesome ! I don’t understand ! Usually some kind of story begins to form at this point, but the first half of the episode is an intense battle and the second half is even more awesomeness. There must be something bad in this show somewhere! Currently it is so close to perfection.


Run Forest RUN!

To everyone who complained that we didn’t get to see the fight between Aki and Koshiro, well here you go, satisfied? Not only you saw the fight, we learned so much from it too. Koshiro’s can smell people really well, he can track them with their scent and his weakness is a big pile of trash.


She forget to put her bra on, but she never forget her taser

Kuuko is a crazy bitch. Have I mentioned it already? During the episode I was not sure who was scarier, Aki who killed hundreds of people, or Kuuko.  She finds an unconscious guy and proceed to tie him up, strip him down and then torture him without mercy for information. That girl is fucking insane. I mean who carries around both an air gun modified to hurt like hell AND a taser gun. Not only that, after the guy run away she was planning to use her friends as a mean to find information and she was even happy to be taken hostage by Aki right after. I believe there must be some kind of psychologist that could help her regain some of her sanity.


He sure has a nice body for someone who spent his time in jail

Now as soon as we saw Utao and Hibino have a wet t-shirt contest, it was clear that it would end up with Kyohei seeing Hibino naked. There was no other option at that point. Rule number 6 of anime; If a guy and a girl live together in the same house and they should not see each other naked…they will. There was a beautiful build-up nonetheless for it, I was starting to doubt if it would happen near the end, everything was going without any incident. I was glad I was not wrong, Hibino sure is quite the pretty girl, I wouldn’t want to miss seeing her body for anything.

Now the second half of the show we finally saw Kyohei become himself. The brutal beast inside of him was finally awoken and he went into a full furry and  destroyed Aki’s face. He was no longer the loser without presence, he was a terrible guy full of anger and regret. Even without a kakashi, he was ready to fight and destroy everything and everyone around him. There is so much story behind Aki and Kyohei, I just want to learn what happened so long ago. Aki and Kyohei were such good friend, but then Aki killed a lot of people, people Kyohei cared about, but it seems that Kyohei did some bad things too, what is the story behind those two?


I am mad as hell and I won't take this anymore

After that we are presented with Utao’s twin sister. (She’s a girl right? I’m not really sure). I like Utao’s twin way better. Not a little whiny girl who can’t defend herself, she looks confidant and powerful. She knows what she is doing and seems to be better than anyone else at controlling her kakashi. She was able to defeat everyone she faced after all. She is a Kuga, but she seems quite hostile to Kyohei and Utao. What the hell is going on here? This is getting quite the complicated clan division.




Why is this show so good? and why must Steins; Gate and Kamisama Dolls be on the same time, it makes every tuesday feels like I won the million.


ZeroG signing off



4 thoughts on “Kamisama Dolls episode 4: Double Trouble

  1. Next week should be an action packed episode XD
    The twin could be a boy i think, not sure.
    glad this anime as 13 episodes instead of 12 😀

    1. At least now I know I’m not the only one unsure of the twin’s sex. S/He could be a girly boy or a manly girl, it is hard to tell

  2. I went to reread the manga and it seems like his a boy. I think 1 or 2 more episodes and the anime would be ahead of the manga.

    1. I sure hope that it stays just as good after the anime will have pass the manga, sometimes when they have no manga to follow shows usually goes to shit.

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