Kamisama no Memo-chou episode 4: Ramen and Breasts


There is a mysterious man buying ramen at Master’s shop, the NEET team are called to service to find out just who that man is !



Well, this episode was really disappointing. The mystery was so easy to solve and there was no real meaning or sense of danger. I feel like nothing changed after this episode. We got to see a bit more of min, but really that is all and her character haven’t really change in the end.


Rage bar is full, please use special combo now

We were just hinted last episode that Min was waiting for her father to come back, the guy was the owner of the shop, the “mysterious man” was only tasting the ramen, not eating it, there was a door that was never changed because Min was waiting for her father to come back, since he had the key. Seriously this one was so obvious that it could have the ending in the title and it would not have spoiled the ending much more. Such a shame to be so predictable.


How can that towel stays there with such huge boobs pushing it down?

This is the major problem with detective show, when it turns into meaningless plot just to have some mystery to solve. It is only 4 episodes in and we are already trying to solve mystery about underwear. Well it did gave us a better idea of what Master looks like naked, but that doesn’t help the story, just our fantasy.


A man needs a large amount of will to be able to speak face to face in this situation

It also seems that all the progress Fujishima made last episode has now disappeared, even if he came up with such an awesome plan he is still regarded as useless.  Back to square one it seems. I just hope the show won’t end up in a never-ending cycle of boringness, where every episode starts the story over and nothing  ever evolves and the universe becomes quickly stagnant.


This is interesting

I expect from this show to be a seinnen, not a childs show. I don’t want to have silly bra-chase and panty shots, I want serious characters running into trouble and changing to adapt to their new environment.


Still, we take what we got, but this summer we have a lot of incredibly good shows, so Kamisama no memo-chou will have to prove it has its place, or it will fail and be forever forgotten.




We better see some story happening soon, I won’t tolerate failure from this show, it had potential, it had a great 1h long special opening, don’t start disappointing now !


ZeroG signing off

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  1. and the NEET girl was kinda useless again. Seems like this series only has 12 episodes, my expectation from this anime is dead….

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