Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 2: Stalking a Stalker

The two brothers are given the mission to pursue a girl who might have the Penguindrum. They follow a girl named Ringo throughout town and track her in school using the penguins to infiltrate the building. However they come to witness an unexpected twist as it turns out that Ringo is stalking their teacher, Keishu.

Without a doubt this episode was both cute and hilarious while at the same time quite a twist. I had never imagined Ringo to turn out as a stalker, obsessed with a teacher from the boys’ school.
What I love best about this episode was tha we got a reflection on how the last episode ended, of Shouma (I think) saying how he hates Fate VS how this episode started off with Ringo explaining why she loves fate. Of course it’s rather fascinating how out of all people Ringo loves fate when she is so passionate about stalking her crush. I find it rather ironic because what’s she’s doing is simply forcing ‘a connection’, ‘chances’ and ‘sharing interests’ because she’s spying on him and keeping track of all this information to win over his heart. I find that ‘fate’ is the opposite what she’s doing. Fate could be simply considered as unpredictable, taking a risk, life or death, neutral considering it can go either way – good or bad, etc… With that said, it’s why more people/characters prefer saying, they are fighting against fate, creating a path of their own that is influenced by time, place, the choices made, and most importantly, their mindset that is heavily influenced by motivation and determination.
The penguins were definitely the highlight of the episode. From their fail ‘infiltration investigation’ into the Girl’s Private School, capping free unintentional panty shots for the boys, and best of all, the lingerie. Oh my god, that was absolutely hilarious.
As for penguindrum, we aren’t told any particular details about it, but that diary that Ringo has seems to be a major hint. We’ve also seen this in the OP, so I can’t be too sure that it’s important since OPs can be misleading.


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0 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 2: Stalking a Stalker

  1. Loving the penguins so much XD
    This anime gets really interesting as it goes on.

    1. The penguins are definitely one of the most important charms of the show. I’ll never get tired of them! XD

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