Mayo Chiki Episode 1: Beaten to Pulp [First Impression]

Jirou is a young boy with a special body. Every time he is touched by a girl, his nose starts bleeding and if the touching were to continue he would lose consciousness. But no one knows about this weakness of his and people only think that he might just be gay and this is why he is avoiding everyone. But one day he found out a terrible secret about the most popular guy in school, it turns out that he was, in fact, a girl.

ZeroG’s First Impression

This show looks awesome ! A simple ecchi is always fun from time to time and this one looks like fun. Have I said how I love girl disguising as boys in ecchi? Well now you know. This is the perfect ecchi for me.

The show looks simple enough, nothing too complicated going on, this means that you can peacefully enjoy the show without having to use your brain much, especially since Jirou is so clueless that no matter how dull your brain is, you will understand stuff faster than him.

While the ecchi was really awesome as can be deduced from watching the following screenshot, the show also had a good simple humour. It was funny to watch, I actually laughed a lot during the show.

Jirou is an interesting character, since he wants to avoid physical contact with girl the most he can, but he is set up in a situation where he can’t escape it. This is all to the pleasure of the character.

Subaru is your typical girl when she is in girl form, she will kill you if you touch her wrong and she does know how to throw a punch. But before all, she is Suzutsuki’s butler and she will follow her every order like a perfect butler would. This is what will make this show perfect because…

…Suzutsuki is awesome! She is rich, she is bored and she loves to causes trouble to everyone else to entertain herself. Not only that, she is perverted beyond measure. This is all an ecchi really needs, and she is even more than that. I only got to see this character for something like 10 minutes, but she was pure evil and perversion. I wish she was real so I could find her and ask her out just to be cruelly rejected. But since that won’t be possible, I will have to content myself with the show she will give each episode.

She did order Subaru to follow Jirou everywhere and Jirou can ask anything out of Subaru, this show will be interesting in a perverted way, there is no doubt about it.

Will I watch this anime? Hell ya. I would not pass an occasion like that, seinen and conspiracy anime are great for the mind, but this kind of anime help exercise another part of the body.

Possibility of Blogging: Yes
Possibility of Watching: Yes

Eva’s First Impression:

OW. Talk about a beating. The poor guy, he can’t escape being abused by all the ladies. Worst he has the phobia that whenever he makes contact with a girl he gets a severe nosebleed.  I started pitying him a lot when he mentioned he was used to getting severe hits because he had to deal with it since he was a kid. ;A; Holy shit man, what the hell is wrong with your household?! I probably would’ve ran away because they are batshit insane. O___o

Suzutsuki is a pure sadist and an evil lady… But that’s what makes her so awesome as a character. Without a doubt things will definitely be interesting whenever she’s involved, both during the good and the bad times.

Oi girl, you might want to have a towel around you at least and step AWAY from the window.

Subaru is pretty badass considering how strong she is. She’s also really cute and I love her fail names for her ‘secret butler techniques’. However I have to say Subaru is rather careless about keeping her secret. For one, she didn’t lock the bathroom door, she didn’t do up her clothes properly to conceal her gender which may have avoided this incident in the first place, and on top of that she wasn’t wearing the wrap because she ‘forgot’, and when you look at this scene here, there’s no blinds whatsoever so anyone can see inside and bam her secret is revealed. Oh and speaking of the bathroom scene, I’m getting the impression this girl does not know how to lock doors because this is the second time this happened. –_–|||

Overall, it was a pretty funny episode. This should be interesting and fun to watch, but if things get too repetitive well that would be disappointing and boring.

Possibility of Blogging: Yes
Possibility of Watching: Yes

5 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki Episode 1: Beaten to Pulp [First Impression]

  1. This is one of the anime I been looking forward to most and it definitely didn’t upset me 😀 It had a great start and hopefully it can continue to be ecchi with full of comedy XD

    1. Indeed, this will be the best ecchi this season I think and everything is set up perfectly

  2. haha i stopped watching this as soon as his sister jumped in and woke him up as soon as that happened i knew it was gonna be some weird fetish

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