Naruto Shippuden Episodes 221 + 222: Dead Body Resurrection


After many unnecessary flashbacks into Naruto’s losses over the Kyuubi’s will, Naruto accepts Gerotora’s key and he returns to Konoha. Anko’s team finds Kabuto’s victims, however they realize that he may be luring them into a trap. Meanwhile, Kabuto meets up with Madara and demonstrates his Edo Tensei resurrection jutsu, and he manages to convince Madara to join forces with him in return for Sasuke.

The Konoha and Kumo war councils separately discuss the finer details of the war. Kisame has implanted himself into Samehada, and is gathering intel from the most unlikely place to give to Madara. Just when the alarm for Naruto’s disappearance is about to be sounded, he returns, and tells Tsunade of the prophecy. After a meeting between the Five Nations, Tsunade ships Naruto off with Yamato to Kumo to learn to control the Kyuubi. Back in Kumogakure, Bee forces Karui and Omoi to sell tickets for his next rap concert, only to be whisked away by the Raikage.

Episode 221 Impression

Not much happened in this episode at all, because a good chunk of it was made up of FUCKING FLASHBACKS dies Sure, some of them were needed to emphasise how Jiraiya loosening the seal just a bit would cause him to lose control up to four tails, but they did drag it on far too much. We all know he would have accepted the key anyway, regardless of the danger. His next step is obvious too – he’s gonna release the Kyuubi in an attempt to control it’s will. This will probably happen in his mindscape, and will be very interesting to watch in future episodes has read the manga and can’t say any more

The main OMG factor for this episode was Kabuto’s meeting with Madara. He’s gained a lot of power over the Edo Tensei jutsu, and has wandered the whole world digging up dead bodies to reanimate. Among his collection include Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, Itachi and Nagato. That’s a huge chunk of Akatsuki there. He also had a sixth coffin, which was unrevealed to us fans, but visibly made Madara scared – even in the manga community no-one knows whose body it is yet. It could be the Rikudou Sennin, or possibly Madara’s brother (the guy who got his Mangekyou plucked out). Either way, its important enough to make Madara accept Kabuto’s invitation in return for Sasuke, who he has no intention of giving to Kabuto.

As someone who still thinks Madara is Obito, Kabuto did mention Madara’s body is some sort of vessel ^^ So here’s to hoping that his mask will be taken off sometime in the future xD

Episode 222 Impression

Wow, 222 is such a cool number ^^ Anyway, this episode mainly served as further build-up to the war, with people like Shikamaru and Chouji pondering over how much harder and dangerous life is about to get for them. We also saw Sakura gag over the horrors of war, which emphasised, among all the rap concert ticket selling, just how gruesome and serious war is – and how many lives it takes. With the Five Nations fighting resurrected ninja that are near-impossible to kill (think back to the Sandaime Hokage having to seal away the former two Hokages) there’s bound to be blood and guts, though it may well be censored or drawn out completely.

When the Kages all met, it seemed that Tsunade (yes, not even Gaara) was the only one who wanted to allow Naruto and Bee to fight, while the other four wanted to hide them away. Maybe this is due to the immense trust Tsunade has in Naruto, or just the feeling that they didn’t have enough manpower. I do think it’s not a good idea at all though, letting them out on the battlefield at their current level – strong as they may be, the whole war is revolving around them and its not worth it to use them as bait at all.

Now, Naruto is heading to Kumo so that Bee can train him into letting go of his hatred and controlling the Kyuubi’s will. Yamato is obviously there just in case something goes wrong, though Naruto doesn’t have the necklace any more so I’m not sure how Yamato can help exactly. Bee has complete control over the Hachibi though, and there’s probably some sort of secret that he’ll reveal to Naruto in the near future. Let’s not forget Kisame, who has intel on every move the Nations are planning. It just depends when he’ll choose to reveal himself.

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  1. holy crap, they are this far on the anime?!?
    sooner or later theres gonna be a whole bunch of fillers.

    1. There haven’t been lots of fillers since the Pain invasion =/ I haven’t forgotten the 70+ episodes of filler from the original series, really hope they never, EVER do that again xDD

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