No.6 episode 3: Zombies


Sion and Nezumi finally made it outside the city, but Sion is infected by the same infection that killed his friend. Will Nezumi be able to save him front a certain death?



Yaaaoooiii, I smell gay love in the air, but the story is so interesting that I don’t mind seeing Nezumi having his way with Sion.


I really hope that Safu will still have a role to play in the show. She is waifu material and I don’t want her to disappear never to be seen again. She is manlier than Sion anyway, she merits to kick some ass.


That girl is so perfect, she needs to have some role in this show

Now for the story itself it is interesting to see how Sion survived the Bee’s infection. I wonder if he really have some kind of immunity or if he was saved because the larvae was extracted in time. Now he is still with awesome white hair and cool battle painting across his body. Safu will loves being pounded by a battle-scar, white-haired survivor. She will have quite the surprise after only 2 years of wait. If she is lucky, Sion might even be bisexual, that would help her a lot, since usually gay man don’t enjoy casual sex with women, or so I heard.


That's what's for dinner

The story of infectious bee’s that hides inside of the body of people makes me thing of Dead Rising, where bees were responsable for a zombie uprising and killing Queen bee killed every zombie around it in the process. In the case of the anime the “zombie” would be the mindless sheep (citizen) residing in No.6. After all, no matter how intelligent you are, if you never question the world around you and simply follow instruction like a mindless drone, you might as well be a zombie.


He is Zombified !

Now like any zombies movie the city is infested with zombie and they managed to successfully escape the city. But now they are outside the infested city and they are looking for a way to cure those poor zombies, or at the very least Sion wants to save them. This feel like a big mix of every zombie movie I’ve seen, we are just missing a big mall, rednecks who shoots survivors and nuclear waste.


Step 1: Get infected Step 2: Nearly Die Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit



I really want Nezumi to finally tell us all about the “Truth” of the city and how things work, I feel like he keeps teasing us about it since the very first episode but he haven’t said anything about it yet. I guess he is just teasing and in fact he has no information what so ever about any “truth”, pesky little rat.




All in all this show is really good, the story is interesting, the universe is fascinating and most of all, the characters are simply amazing. Nezumi made it into my man crush, he is such an interesting character. I am looking forward to the future of this show, because I predict lots of “aahhhh” and “oohhh” to happen in the near future.


ZeroG signing off

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