Ro-Kyu-Bu! Ep 1: The coach is a Lolicon =_=; [First Impression]

Hasegawa Subaru a first year student in high school is blackmailed appointed to coach the elementary school’s girls basketball team. He learns and grows interested in the most experienced player, Tomoka among the group while at the same time be becomes aware of how little the other girls know about basketball itself.

First Impression:
It’s the first episode and they already revealed lolicon fanservice. God help me.
So we have Hasegawa Subaru a first year student in high school, who happens to be a lolicon, had been blackmailed to coach the elementary girls basketball team.Tomoka, the most experienced player of the five girls, Maho who’s likes basketball but has no freaking clue about the rules (even when she plays the videogames) plus expects them to ‘level up’ in like an hour or three days… >_>; Then you got Airi who is very sensitive about her height, she will be a good post player in the future and will finally find her height’s quirks for the sport. Saki who well… I guess you could say the ‘smart’ one of the group, Hinata who seems to have a very soft nature and goes with the flow without really quite understanding it.
From my observation, Tomoka would be guard, Maho the point player, Saki will probably be her strongest at defense like myself who will need to work on her offensive skills, Airi who’d (as I already said) be the post player (the one who goes under the basket and obtain rebounds and box people out, and of course, score!) and Hinata, I haven’t quite figured out what her strengths and weaknesses are since she and Airi are by far the most inexperienced.
As much as I love basketball, I can’t see myself watching this, specifically because it’s revolving around Lolis. This episode already raised a red flag warning of what’s to come in the future – EVEN THOUGH IT’S THE BARE MIN, NEVERTHELESS ITS A WARNING! First of all I hate Lolicon, and I’ve never been willing to or wanting to watch anything involved with. Plus when the show ended I didn’t feel the urge to want to watch the next episode like I normally do. Even if I did cover this I’d probably end up dropping it because of that matter in particular. The good points are the cute characters, great animation, and actually getting down to business with the sport itself but that’s about it.
I think what will make this show popular in the future is that they will probably (and god hopefully) will prioritize its focus on the sport itself rather than the fanservice. Perhaps if that’s the case I’d come back to this show and give it another try, but for now – it’s not on my list, nor do I plan to cover it.
Possibility of Blogging: No
Possibility of Watching: No

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  1. Hopefully they will show more about basketball. I wish they can do things like Moshidora where they focused more on the sport…

    1. If they show more basketball then fan service I’ll most likely try covering the show show again. I’ve been dying for a basketball anime to come out, and this is just a slap in the face for me because I can’t stand Lolicon *sulks and hugs basketball*

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