Steins; Gate episode 16: Time circle


The work on the time machine is complete, Amane is ready to go back to 1975 and change the past. But before she leaves, she is to meet her father for the first and last time.



The Divergence meter changed significantly and Mayuri is still alive, but at what price and what changed?



In the end it seems that I was right, Daru is Amane’s father. It is really weird and hard to believe that guy had sex with a real women in order to have a daughter. It is even weirder when you realize that Daru was fantasizing and hitting on his daughter all along. But then again they are about the same age in the beginning and at the end of the episode she was older than her father. That is really fucked up when you think about it. She would have been about twice her father’s age.

Amane went back in time and died there, she failed her mission, she could not locate the IBN 5100 because she lost her memories and she was unable to remember her purpose. For the moment Mayushii seems saved, but at what cost? They sacrificed Amane to save Mayushii. They lost someone who had so much knowledge and the daughter of one of the member, for the purpose of saving Mayushii? Not only that, we are not even sure if Mayushii is really saved yet, we do know that the world is not going to be saved just yet. First they have to obtain that IBN 5100 again. Will anyone ever get saved? Okabe is acquiring so much knowledge, so many memories. He lived the last week thousands of times. But everyone forgets everything every time. Now Daru has no idea that he has a daughter who died 10 years before, They never fixed the time machine, they will never obtain the lab members cool badges.

“Time is not made out of line, it is made out of circle, that’s why clocks are round” – Caboose, RedvsBlue


This is how I feel about this week episode. Everything they do in the present changes both the past and the future, but in the end it all turn around itself. Everything comes back to the same point. What they change in the present is now affecting the past to change the future, but if the past doesn’t change right the future never happens anyway, it is only a continuous cycle between the past and the present, we never reach “the next day”.


It was really emotional to see Amane finally see his father just to leave forever mere instant later. Not only that, but an hour after Daru learns that his daughter committed suicide 10 years ago from failing her objective. EVEN WORSE, the face on Mayushii’s face when she realize that Okabe is going to change the past and everything that just happened will be forever lost to her memories.


That is what I call perfection in anime. This anime is to become an example of perfection.




If there is a way to have sex with this anime, I don’t mean any characters in it, someone tell me how. I want to leave my children to the care of White Fox Studio, they know how to make awesome stuff, I want them to take care of the world, they earned it. I don’t want this anime to ever end, even if deep down, I know that the ends needs to arrives soon for this anime to be absolutely perfect. So sad to say goodbye to the things we love.


ZeroG signing off

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3 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    And thus, I present you White Fox’s newest fan, ZeroG. CLAPS
    Welcome to the club Zero, welcome to the club.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    LOL love that quote from RedvsBlue XD
    This anime is indeed perfect and I hope it doesn’t get rushed towards the ending.
    8 more episodes left with 1 special episode (Feb. 22, 2012…. T.T)

    • ZeroG says:

      I don’t see how they could screw this up at this point, everything went perfectly up to now. I have high hope that this show will be a success from start to finish

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