Steins; Gate episode 17: undo the D-mail


Okabe needs to undo all the D-mail in order to find the IBN 5100, but doing so won’t be as easy as it sounds.



Now Okabe knows what he has to do, he needs to undo the wishes of every one of his friends. He gave the power to change the past to the people precious to him, but now he has to take all those away. The first person who had to see their current life taken away was Feyris-chan.


She never looks sad

She uses the D-mail to save her father 10 years ago, now she has to make the choice, her current live with her father that she loves so much and see Mayuri die, or she can see her father die in the plane crash but maybe save Mayuri. In the end there is no path better than the other. This is the kind of choice you don’t want to make. Either choice you make will break your heart and your soul. There is no way someone can manage such a decision without twisting their soul. Feyris-chan is able to make the decision because she knows both outcome and she realizes that one of them was artificial. Even then she cries, crying might be the best way to keep your head on your shoulder in such situation.


Sad Keanu

I believe soon Okabe will have to cry too. There are so many difficult decision he has to make, he must hurt so many people around him and each time he does, they forget about everything that just happen. Soon he won’t be able to keep up with the world line change. But if I am not mistaken there are 3 more D-mail left. He needs to undo Ruka’s D-mail that made her a girl, undo the D-mail Moeka sent that had an unknown effect and finally the D-mail they first sent that nearly made them win the lotto.


I’m not sure that the D-mail for the lotto really affected that much, the one to make Ruka a guy again shouldn’t be too hard, but the tricky part will be to find Moeka, now that she is evil and know what her D-mail was. Shinning Finger is a backstabbing bitch and she won’t easily leak any information. But Moeka might very well be the last obstacle Okabe will have to face to save Mayuri. At the very least I hope for him.


Even when she cries she looks happy

Now the city is back to the Moe city it used to be at the beginning, slowly the world is returning to where it was supposed to be and the divergence meter is slowly reaching the next point, there is half of the divergence completed, If he wants to, Okabe can do it, he can save the world.




How can this show keep being so interesting even after 17 episode? The last 5 episodes were all during the same day, but for some reason it seems I can’t get enough of that day. So many things have changed, yet everything remains the same. Is that the curse of fate?


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  1. This anime is truly the greatest of all time.
    The one thing that its gonna make me wonder is the very first D-mail message he ever sent, is he gonna have to undo it to be able to save Mayuri but sacrifice Kurisu?

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