Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 1: Where 95% of the Characters are high on crack! [First Impression]

 Don’t worry, they aren’t all like this.

Nanami Haruka finds herself late for an entrance exam only the security will not let her pass. Two boys try helping her out and reason with the guards but the problem is quickly solved after the security receives a call to let her pass. After having passed the examination, Haruka returns to the academy in April where she meets the boys who had helped her and meets new people. Little did she know a single encounter with a cat that stolen her handkerchief has set the wheels of fate into motion with an encounter that catches her off guard.

First Impression:
What a way to debut this show! A crazy headmaster who loves to make epic entrance and probably high on crack, Shinomiya Natsuki makes his debut by comparing the heroine with his pet dog Elizabeth, Jinguuji Ren the flirting machine, Hijirikawa Masato the ‘will you stfu you’re annoying me‘ kind of guy, Ittoki Otoya and Kurusu Shou are the peppy characters and then best of all, you got Ichinose Tokiya (who looks exactly like Haruka’s idol and inspiration Hayato) who is really cold.
So we really didn’t get much about the plot this episode, it was mainly introducing the many characters, the school, how prodigious it is, what kind of teachers they have, and even a little bit about the heroine herself. I am interested in the heroine, Nanami Haruka who wishes to become a songwriter. I’m mostly curious whether she still has a weak body or not (since she suffered bad health as a child), we aren’t exactly told if she has completely recovered, but it would definitely be interesting since it’ll create some challenges. It also appears that she doesn’t like the city, I’m getting the impression that it’s not only overwhelming for her, but a bit scary too. I also liked that she doesn’t know too much (more much at all) about the music industry and that she has a goal and she knows exactly what she wants to do… except now she completely thrown off the track after seeing Tokiya who looks exactly like Hayoto, her idol – the source of her inspiration. Haruka also seems to be a bit of a cluz, typical for most cases in these genres.
AHHHH THE CUTE KITTY CAT WHO SETS THE WHEEL OF FATE INTO MOTION~ WOO! I love these things because it makes it so cute, so romantic, and you never know what to expect since it depends on the character, and in this case, Nanami is like, “O_____O BUT I’M SO SURE THIS IS HAYOTO-SAMA! BUT WHY IS HE ACTING SO COLD?!
One the key things that really make the show stand out is its unique colorings in the animation, non 3D Dancing OP (which I will get to in a second) and really crazy characters, oh and of course – disney like CORNY singing scenes, except there’s no duet – at least not yet. *SHOT* And let me tell you by far this is the craziest Neo Romance/Otome game anime adaption debut I have ever seen, AND THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST EPISODE!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT, WHAT IS THERE TO COME IF THIS GOES ‘ ON FOR TWENTYFOUR?! OH GOD PLEASE, TWELVE EPISODES WOULD BE TOO SHORT, I CAN ALREADY TELL!!!!
Now the OP, is something I jammed the replay button over and over again because it’s too god damn funny. First of all, I find the dance is ridiculous because it seems to girly to me in a way. Of course this is my bias answer because I don’t watch J-Pop/K-Pop music videos/concerts (neither do I watch the Western Society Music Videos), therefore I don’t really know if that kind of dancing is common for these cases. But despite the dancing, there is definitely a positive point in this: The Dancing is NOT 3D and digitalized, that was one of my biggest fears and I’m glad to see that it didn’t happen. As for the ED, that’s a whole different story: I LOVED the ED, it’s way better, I enjoyed watching it, and I preferred that song over the OP.
This is definitely something that will keep me entertained this summer. Yes I hate corny stuff, but this is just hilarious, an excellent show to get a good laughing fit from. Also it looks like I can have a bit of hope that there may be a final pairing in this show. I’VE DECIDED I’M SHIPPING HARUKA x TOKIYA MWAHAHAHA *SHOT*
Possibility of Watching: YES


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