Yuru Yuri Episodes 1 + 2: A-Channel Done Right [First Impression]

After two weeks of this anime, I completely understand why this series was named Yuru YURI in the first place cough

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Akaza Akari is a first-year that has just entered high school. Along with her friends, Funami Yui and Toshinou Kyouko, they use the now-disbanded Tea Ceremony clubroom to start their own club, the Amusement Club, which has yet to do anything. A first-year called Yoshikawa Chinatsu who looks like Meruru signs up to join, intending to join the Tea Ceremony club but ends up being forced to stay with Akari and the others.

In the second episode, the attention turns to Kyouko, and she conflicts with Sugiura Ayano, the student council vice president, as well as further relationships being explored between some of the other new characters introduced.

Episode 1 Impression 

Yuru Yuri. Being a “four cute girls doing cute things” type of anime, it has inevitably been compared with successful anime of that genre such as K-ON! or Lucky Star. However, it does differ from both in the sense that there are open lesbos as well as interesting characters that are interesting unlike a certain Spring anime with “channel” in its name. Not that I’m implying anything, of course not xD

The lead girl here is Akaza Akari, who is a bit of a spaz, according to HorribleSubs wakes up late on her first day of high school and has to be called out by her friends Kyouko and Yui. Apart from giving a messed up first introduction and having a siscon of an onee-chan, she seems to be fairly normal, and joins the Amusement Club, the unofficial replacement of the Tea Ceremony club.

A girl named Chinatsu stumbles on the Amusement Club and is forced to join after they all recognize her as Meruru a girl from a mahou shoujo anime, Mirakurun. It is here that we realise Kyouko is more than just a hyperactive girl, and has serious issues lesbian tendencies towards Chinatsu, however Chinatsu prefers the more serious Yui-senpai as her type.

It’s not such a bad anime for its genre, and the gags such as the screaming ferris wheel or the lack of presence can be moderately funny. All in all, I think its a lot better than its Spring counterpart, if only because the characters have personality.

Episode 2 Impression

I expected Akari to continue as the main character for this episode, but it seems like with several past anime of this kind, Yuru Yuri won’t just focus on a main and instead, will be rounder and more even with the development.

One of the new characters introduced this episode is Sugiura Ayano, the vice-president of the student council. She’s come to challenge the ever-amazing Kyouko, who somehow manages to pull all-nighters and come at the top of her class, compared to Ayano who studies 24/7 and still comes second. Maybe I should try that sometime. Well, Ayano’s on the student council, so she must be somewhat normal, right? WRONG. She’s actually whacked in the head, and is a closet Kyouko fangirl in denial. Hell, she even tries to make excuses just to visit her, and stalks her all around the school xD Kyouko ends up having the idea of visiting Ayano when she gets sick, so the yuriness may not be so unrequited xD

Another student council member is Chitose, who is essentially the yuri fantasizer character, similar to BakaTest’s Voyeur. She has the power to wildly fantasize when she takes off her glasses, and has a nosebleed flood when Kyouko steps on them. There’s also the rivalry between Himawari and Sakurako; they seem to have been friends since they were younger, however they are now competing to take over Ayano’s place as the vice-president. However, they too are literally set up to be with each other, though it’s more of a love-hate relationship at the mo.

Anyway, two episodes in, and the shoujo-ai is already underway, thick and fast. Actually, I think the only normal people left are Yui and perhaps Akari, though I still don’t get the “fine Irvine” thing =/ As they didn’t continue with the “lack of Akari’s presence” joke, I can only assume that it will have a style of different gag scenes, though probably better linked together than Nichijou or A-Channel, which seem to be more separated.

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  1. I kinda thing they overdid the nose bleeding from Chitose. I hope they aren’t going to keep on repeating the gags, I found the 2nd episode way better than the 1st.

    1. Maybe they were looking to give her a solid yuri personality xD And yeah, with this kind of premise there really needs to be new material to keep it interesting.

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