Bleach 334: Ichigo still strong


Kageroza chases after Nozomi. But Ichigo and the other won’t let him get his hands on her so easily.



What was this episode all about?



Ichigo was standing again? Ichigo was able to stay in Bankai all this time? He even got one last Getsugatensho out? What the hell is this thing. Originally he had not enough spiritual pressure left to fight hollows, but suddenly after he could fight Kageroza who is above Captain level. Later on he uses all his spiritual pressure for one last attack, but hey, he still got up in bankai form a minute after. This is just bullshit. I really want this arc to finish soon, because everything in it looks just so wrong.


It was not so bad when the episode consisted only of captain fighting themselves, but when they try to put a little bit of story or emotion in the arc, everything goes down the drain. It is just terrible how bad the background story is for the arc. Filler arc should try sticking to random battle, battle don’t need logic, they are easier to do and they are somewhat fun. This episode was nowhere near the somewhat fun level.


Can't that puppet die one of those days?

Nozomi is such an emo, weak, pathetic girl. It is just frustrating. “I will protect everyone” “Oops never mind I broke my sword”.  When Kon is the hero who saves everyone, you know that you really should do something else instead of watching the episode. I hate the character of Kon and find that he has no purpose other than comedy relief in the show, I just wish he could disappear one day. When he is at the center of the plot and when he is the glorious white knight, I just want to side with the villain. I don’t care how boring Kageroza is as a villain, if he can help me get rid of Kon, I’m siding with him.



At the very least, it seems that this time Ichigo really is out of spiritual pressure, he turned back to his white kimono and next episode it seems he is finally benched. Now he won’t be able to defend anyone anymore and we will be ready to move to the real arc as soon as Nozomi will die. That girl is such a nuisance, all that trouble because she exist, they should have killed her instead of trying to protect her.



Another bullshit episode finished, only a few more to go through. I really wonder if there is someone on this planet crazy enough to enjoy those filler arc, it all seems so bad to me that I have a hard time understanding how they could come up with such shit.


ZeroG signing off

2 thoughts on “Bleach 334: Ichigo still strong

  1. I lost count of how many times I paused this ep to go do something else. The faster this ends, the faster the awesomeness that is the current manga will be animated ^^

    1. You could have gone do something else without pausing and you wouldn’t have missed much.

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