Bleach 336: Power On


Ichigo and Kisuke are going to Soul Society to infiltrate Kageroza’s lab in order to restore Ichigo’s power once again.



Quickly everyone we need to go save the whiny girl who is such a boring character ! Also we’ll need to kill the big bad guy, since we’ll be nearby.


When you divide your soul in two, and one of them is a whiny bitch, you should really feel bad about yourself

Hey, guess what, after losing his spiritual pressure once again, Ichigo finally have his power back ! I’m so glad, I can’t bear to see him be powerless, what will we do if he can’t fight anymore like he is supposed to? Sarcasm aside, It is getting so ridiculous with Ichigo, he lost his power about 5 times in the last week and he gets it back the week after. I don’t even want to rant about that anymore, I just don’t care. It is now too ridiculous for me to even give a fuck about.


One guy thing about Ichigo having his power back this time is that  the Hollow power are taking over. This ought to make things interesting. I love berserk Ichigo, he knows how to make things more interesting by killing his friends and torturing his enemies. The guy is way more fun than “boring” Ichigo, that tries to protect his friends. Protection is boring, destruction is fun. Senseless destruction is even more fun. So when someone who was supposed to protect his friends start beating on them, that is what I call real fun.


Welcome Party ! Beer for everyone!

I like the way  this episode was told, I feel like if this arc was more of what we saw today and less of what we saw every other time, this arc could have been amazing, but in the end, because of all the shittiness of previous episode, I just couldn’t bring myself to really take this episode seriously. What more, at the end of the episode everyone was getting ready to fight once again.


Kon touching his mother's womb

I know that Bleach is about dude fighting with swords and screaming special attacks, but this arc had so much fighting for such a weak cause, that I really don’t want 2 or 3 more episodes of people fighting in a brawl. Everyone captain had their chance to shine in a fight in some previous episode or another, now would be a good time to see the final fight and to end this horrible filler. I really hope that there won’t be even more filler after this season, otherwise I think an even greater part of my soul will die.




Good episode, bad arc. If only every episode was like this one, I might have had some form of enjoyment watching it. But right now watching Bleach is has much fun as watching paint dry.


ZeroG signing off

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