Dantalian No Shoka episode 4: Resurrection and Evolution


Huey and Dalian have received a letter asking them to save an old friend of Huey’s deceased grandfather from a mysterious book.



Another week, another Phantom Book to destroy. This week the phantom book had the interesting characteristic of bringing back someone from the dead if another soul is taken in its place.


Nothing suspicious here, move along

It was interesting to see a book that would bring someone back to life for a day and the best way to uses that for your advantage be to kill the person everyday so the timer starts again. Even if the book holder was a crazy bitch, she was an intelligent crazy bitch. She was able to kill the guy as many time as she wanted to keep him alive, too bad she was so bad at locking doors and hiding bloody knife.


Immortality through death? interesting

I had trouble swallowing the part where Lenny and his lover became immune to death, yes the example with pesticide is right, but this is not how evolution works, a single individual never evolve, it is only the species who slowly evolves through natural selection, evolution is not like pokemon where an individual evolves to become stronger, it is simply pure and simple logic, if there is pesticides all around, every insect will die except for the few who are strong enough to resist it somehow, those few insect will breed and their offsprings have a higher likelihood of surviving the pesticide too.  With that explained, how can an individual evolves to survive death even if he is resurrected, now there could be some mutation while the resurrection occurs, but I have trouble with that too. Nonetheless, maybe I just forgot that the show is, in the end, a fantasy of literature, and literature doesn’t need to follow logic if it wants to. But I usually regards literature who stop following their own logic and physic as a mistake from the author, not as something to be inspired about.


Lennin is evolving !!! Lenin has evolved into Super-Flashy-Yellow-Lenin!

Now enough with the rant, but the show is quite particular in its own way. It is difficult to explain the aura of the show or how the soundtrack is amazing, everything is present to make things have the perfect atmosphere.



The show is so unique that it is hard to compare it to something else, I hope that it will continue on this tangent, it is quite refreshing to see after all.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. I feel they need an arc or plot where the problem with the Phantom Book develops into more than one ep. This week was really well thought out, except for the end which was suspiciously convenient.

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