Dantalian No Shoka episode 5: Introducing the Magician


This time Huey doesn’t receive a request to destroy a book, but he is asked to lend one, what is this all about?



This time Dantalian no shoka was different than usual. It was more than just a chase after a book, some new elements were added to the universe. A man who can use the magic of phantom book without the need for any of them, a true Magician. We were able to witness both the magician and its spell, in fact the center of attention of the episode was the Homonculus he created.


You are a wizard, Harry

This time, Huey was not sent to destroy any books, but to lend some. That is something unexpected. He had so much trouble fighting rogue phantom book with evil master before that I figured he would burn the book or at the very least hide them and keep them safe, not give them away to any stupid moron who wants to win a maiden’s heart. At the very least the book were not very “offensive” in power, after all protecting people from magic and resurrecting the people dead from an illusion are not what I would call the most dangerous books. They are absolutely harmless unless there is a magician around. So I guess that could be a reason to lend them the books, since they can’t really do much with them anyway.


Of course, Dalian couldn't possibly have any interest in those sorts of things

One thing that this episode confirmed for us was Dalian perverse curiosity. Maybe it is because of this curiosity that she has such attraction to the hidden and sexy side of society. After all she is stuck in her book and in the confinement of her library, she never get to see the real world, let alone the hidden side of society. It must be interesting to be able to see the terrible things the book she reads are talking about. In the end, I cannot see Dalian as more than a perverted Victorique, She is the same little girl with incredible knowledge that live in a library and she also loves sweets. They even have the same voice actress.


She is cute for an homonculus

I am still uncertain of what I think of this show, I am starting to believe that the atmosphere and the pacing of the show is what leads me to think that it is awesome, because from the story itself, there is nothing of interesting there really, the plot is simple, there is some twist here and there, but in the end, the story never seems to progress anywhere. The way the story is presented is so good that it makes me forget how boring the show is, this is pretty much the situation here.



Is this episode the beginning of some kind of plot? or will next week just be another mystery with no continuation what so ever? It is hard to tell, but what I know is that no matter how boring the plot might seem, I will be stuck to this show, if only because it is so mysterious.


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  1. Even the greatest story with poor atmosphere and pacing is not worth the effort even to think it. Better a well-told mediocre plot than the other way around.

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