Hanasaku Iroha Ep 19: Preparations for the Cultural Festival

It’s almost time for the cultural festival at Ohana’s school. The girls are excused from work to spend time preparing for the festival. While Ohana is thrilled about the class’s enthusiasm, Minko finds herself dealing conflicts within her group as she had been nominated to be the Cooking group leader.


Hmmmmm…. I found this episode kind of bland for my taste. It wasn’t that interesting even though it’s really circulating around everyone’s character development and focused alot on Minko. With that said, the episode rather than taking place at Kissuiso, it mainly took place at school instead because the girls are preparing for the culteral festival. I think this is one of the reasons why I found it kind of boring since nothing well… I guess you could say ‘exciting’ happened.
As for characters, we’ve seen a drastic improvement with Nako’s social skills in the public but is having a hard time swallowing some things that she knows that shouldn’t be said. As for Minko she is shown more about how seriously she’s taking this optunity to be a leader and see how well she can organize the group and menu. To impress Tohru is simply a bonus that she’s also aiming for.
We got a little bit of Ohana’s romantic development which shows she does have pretty strong feels for Ko even though she was determined to overcome it and move on – but really she’s just confused about why she keeps on thinking of him.
It’s also interesting how she would rather use Shijima as her surname than Matsumae and describes herself to be a work dedicated woman.
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0 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Ep 19: Preparations for the Cultural Festival

  1. I feel like shits gonna go down with Minko and the other girl when they start the cultural festival. Few more episodes left, am really wondering how this show is gonna end o.o

    1. Yeah shit’s going on with that girl who wants to make a rice omelets. ^_T/ Minko might end up cooking on her own if this keeps up – especially since she’s picky about the quality of the food in the menu.
      Well the Bonbori festival still yet to happen, I have a feeling it’ll play a role in bringing the business they need for Kissuiso to keep running strong. It’ll probably conclude with that – or so I’m assuming. I think the cultural festival is just touching up the last of the character development (more so Minko’s case) that will help make the finale awesome.

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