Kamisama Dolls episode 5: Battle in the City


Mahiru and Utao are fighting in the middle of the city, everyone can now witness the power and destruction of their battle.



Those kids are insane, fighting with Gods in the sky of the city, no wonder their village have a bad reputation of killing lots of people, the middle of a populous town is not a playground.


It's super effective !

It is kind of stupid to see Utao and Mahiru fight each other, they are twins of different clan (how does that works anyway?) but they are so young and unexperienced. Still it is awesome to learn that the twins were able to control the gods even when still in their mother’s womb. But how could they tell if both of the twin were able to control the doll or only one of the two? Maybe they do have an explanation, but all this twin thing sounds really weird to me.


Look at this 6-pack

Now Kukuri got beaten badly and they need to fix it so it is time for Kyohei to stop running from the past and to go back to the village, he can look at it from the bright side, his cute big chested girlfriend is comming with him, that should be something to look forward to, if in the past you killed hundreds of people and got away with it, surely you can rape a foreigner and face no consequence what so ever, hell she might even say yes !


Now what was revealed that was interesting this episode was the deadly, huge and powerful god prisoner at the Hyuga’s shrine. It was revealed that they are looking for the best seki to be able to control it and use it. The thing looks like the same dolls Kyohei had to fight in his past. If it is just as powerful, maybe Kyohei should be the one to take control of it?


Kyohei is such an interesting character after all, he was powerful that is certain, he was a seki and defeated some terrible stuff in the past, but as we have seen when Aki was threatening Hibino, Kyohei still has this insane rage boiling in his blood. I want to see him lose control and become an abomination, I want to see the world burn under his feet, I want to see a main character that will destroy every norm and commit atrocities everywhere he goes.


that looks nasty

It is also an important a scary step in the anime, because now the anime is farther than the manga, it will be interesting to see if everything will stay as awesome as it currently is, or if the show will suddenly turn to shit and it will become another generic summer show. Only time will tell.




This episode was awesome, I really hope the show will continue on this tangent and won’t go to shit now that there is no manga to guide its path.  Time to cross fingers and hope.


ZeroG signing off


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  1. I just noticed, I think they are gonna be following the manga because the raws are on volume 9 while the translations are on volume 3. (MangaUpdates)
    I can’t believe such a badass anime, that the manga is falling behind by a lot on translation.

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