Kamisama No Memo-chou episode 5: NEET job ahead


Narumi has a new job as a public relation position for an indie band. Of course even such a usually safe job isn’t trouble-less if you work for NEET.



This episode was way better than the last failure that was episode 4. One could argue that nothing really happened during this episode, but I liked this episode way better even if there was little to no mystery to solve. I believe that the mystery are but a tool to make the character interaction progress, I have little to no interest in the mystery itself, but I love to see Narumi interact with the different group and runs errant for everyone while trying to make a name for himself.


I like this guy

After all, he is working at so many places at once, he works for NEET, he is part of a street gang, he works at min’s ramen shop and now he has a contract of advertising and marketing for an indie band. He sure knows how to keep himself occupied. I would be interested to know if he actually make any money with all those jobs or if he is just doing volunteering work. If he does makes some cash, he must be rich considering he most likely doesn’t have time to spend money since he works so much.


Oh...Oh wow....seriously...wow

This episode we saw mostly Narumi interact with Fourth and Alice, I don’t really like Alice character, since I just feel like I’ve seen enough Victorique as of late, but Fourth character is really interesting. He is in charge of a bunch of stupid ape and he needs to act tough to keep everyone respect, but as we saw, he has his softer side that he just can’t show around the people he knows. Fourth is intelligent and sensitive, it is a shame that he needs to hide it because of his line of work.


He sure knows how to fight

We also saw a new character this episode, we were introduced to Renji, the guy just came back to Tokyo and he is strong and always in trouble. There is something I am certain about this guy, he has some ties to someone Narumi knows, most likely Fourth. He has this butterfly like symbol on his shirt, he must be related to the gang in some ways. I’m really curious to know more about him, after all while he is surprisingly strong and while he is impulsive and always ready to fight, he has this kind and innocent aura to him. It feels like he is trying to flee is trouble and his heavy past but he just doesn’t know how to live any other way.



After the disappointment of last episode, this episode finally gave me some hope that the show might still have more potential than I originally thought, let’s hope I am not wrong with this assumption.


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  1. I like the new character they introduced. Hopefully things starts to pick up here because this anime needs something interesting going on or else its just crap.

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