Kamisama No Memo-chou episode 8: Reunion


The Fourth is in trouble and someone need to take charge of the gang before they get themselves in trouble. Will Narumi be up to the challenge?




This episode marks the end of the mini trilogy involving Renji. Will next episode actually continue from where things left off this episode? I  highly doubt it, from the looks of things next week will be another filler episode. The formula here seems to be one short story of 2 or 3 episodes followed by a single episode filler. I would guess that this will be the last filler followed by one last epic story for the final episodes.


She should have been an actor, she had me fooled

The truth was finally exposed, I was certain that Hison was dead, but turns out she is alive, she is just a little less girlish than before. I never suspected that that “guy” was Hison, it never even crossed my mind. Now It is not so much the fact that she acted like a guy or that she looked like a guy that fooled me, but maybe the fact that she spoke like a guy. She lost her reproductive faculty, not her voice, was she a heavy smoker too?  At the very least I must praise her acting skill, she had me fooled all along. I was expecting to learn that she was still alive, but I never thought that we knew her.


Blood everywhere

I like how at the beginning of the season Narumi was a new guy, a nobody who just arrived and had trouble making friends and in just the couple weeks time between the beginning and this episode event he was now the guy in charge of a band of thugs. He had such a great speech too, it is kind of hilarious to see a young kid receiving such respect from yakuzas.


I love that guy

Now all their struggles is finally over. Renji is leaving and the Fourth is out of trouble. There was so much blood at the crime scene that it is a real wonder he survived since he lost about 3 times the amount of blood the human body contains. But after a short coma he seems to be just fine. It was kind of unexpected to see him walk so soon, having trouble standing up and then proceed to go into a fist fight with an old friend over a disagreement. The guy sure is tough.




This was a great ending for this mini trilogy, I’m looking forward to the final arc. Hopefully it will be even more awesome.


ZeroG signing off

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