Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 6 & 7: NO RINGO DON'T DO IT!!! SOMEBODY STOP HER! \T^T/

I don’t know whether to find this funny or sad since when I watched this just after I stopped watching Oceans because I started getting teary seeing the cute adorable sea-lions get eaten by the Killer Whale! D:

Episode 6: Unexpected Twists and Turns


Holy shit, holy shit, HOLY SHIT. I was not expecting to learn that Ringo once had an older sister and the actual reason she’s going through this trouble is because she has been trying to be her in order to bring her family back together again. We also learned that Momosaka also was the one who have the diary in possession before her and that since Ringo learned about what it (may possibly) can do she’s been set on completing this fate. Now ehn you look at Ringo’s character in a bigger picture, I feel so sad for her. She has basically cast aside her life to live it as her sister’s! That’s a huge sacrifice. So here’s the question- now that we know this isn’t actually her true-self, is her ‘love’ towards Tsubaki true or forced for fate?
And then we got this crazy bitch on the loose, making the girls that Tamba once dated who have information lose their memories by shooting these balls that explode or whatever – I don’t know what they are called, but they are terrifying weapons. Worst of all, this girl has a penguin and is aware about Ringo’s Project M which makes us question just who the hell is this girl?!


Episode 7: What Project M really is…


DX OH GOD RINGO, YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! Somebody stop her before she really regrets it!!! Well I doubt she’s going to be able to succeed because somebody’s going to interrupt. I’m also growing suspicious that the bitch who has been wiping out people’s memories may end up targeting Yuri to make Project M succeed.
Honestly speaking I did think that M stood for ‘Marriage’, but then seeing the whole set up and her yapping about ‘marriage with Tubaki’ I started thinking ‘Masturbation’, but then we learn its Maternity! And I’m like, “WHAT?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!”
Anyhow speaking of the batshit insane bitch, she isn’t even trying to hide the fact she’s hunting Tamba, and she’s definitely doing a good job scaring him. Worst of all he is indirectly involved with her since it looks like she is connected with giving him the money for whatever he’s doing.
Man, look at what this jetlag is doing to me. I’m too tired to write anymore – all my stuff is super short. T^T/ Well maybe it’s better that way, I do tend to write too much anyways. Forgive me for skipping summaries for these two episodes, I really don’t have the energy to do it. Now excuse me I’m going to take another snooze. =______________=;


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  1. Maybe next week, after Ringo does…whatever she’s gonna do, Tabuki will wake up, and thank goodness! It was all just one big wet dream ^^

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