Mayo Chiki episode 7: Punyuru and friends



Suzutsuki drugs and kidnaps Jirou for her own personal entertainment. She runs away with him to a resort hotel where he has no choice but to be treated for his gynophobia.



Things are getting weirder and weirder by the minute here. Jirou is nearly killed by Suzutsuki drugs and then he found it that he was kidnapped. Just how bad can things get for him?


Good friends always drug you to bring you to resorts

Suzutsuki wants to date him, Subaru wants to date him and now Usami wants to date him too. That is looking like a harem right here. At the very least Jirou seems to have his mind set on one person. He only really care about Subaru and everyone else he couldn’t care less about. But Subaru is really simple-minded and easily offended, therefore every time she sees Jirou with another girl she gets jealous.


I didn’t feel this episode was really anything special. I think I’m just used to hate beach episode, it is usually more about fan service than anything else. This episode we saw Subaru jealous once more, we now have everyone who loves Jirou at the same place and they will all be at the resort. So next episode will have everything needed to make a great episode. But this episode was not the greatest, it was just a way to transition the story to the next stage.


That skirt is really low

There was nothing really wrong with the episode, but there was nothing special, the magical touch was missing. I felt like the episode could have been 4 minutes long and every key moment could have been shown. The only true progress that happen was Subaru who finally realized  that she was in love with Jirou. Everything else was just fun and games.


The one thing that is just as perfect as before is Suzutsuki, she is just as evil and mischievous as before. Drugging and kidnapping someone? teasing Jirou constantly and then sleeping with him without his consent. She is the evil genius I always wanted her to be. But I wonder if one day she will stop lying to everyone and herself and finally say to the world how she really feels.


On a side note, Subaru is just as good as team rocket when it comes down to disguise, she only need a pair of glasses to become someone else.



This is Konoe



Glasses = cannot possibly be Konoe



A so-so episode, but the show is amazing otherwise, so I’m confident next week won’t let us down !


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