Mayo Chiki episode 8: The Declaration


Jirou ends up in a resort with 5 different girl. He has no idea how it happened, but with his gynophobia, it cannot end well.



Subaru finally said it, she finally told Jirou how she really felt. Ok, she didn’t clearly expressed her feeling, but hopefully Jirou won’t be so dense as to misunderstand the meaning of her words.

Narumi is a really fucked up character. She has so many fetish, she loves yaoi, megane, Kemonomimi and most likely many more. She is the incarnation of all the hardcore yaoi-loving-otaku around the globe. But even if we disregard that, she is able to get drunk without any alcohol and when she gets drunk she is able to undress anyone in seconds? That’s an ability I would love to have, but how the hell did she managed to get drunk on soft drinks alone? That is a power in and of itself. Still, she is a fun addition to the crew. But I still hope that she will just remain this innocent girl who is in the story only to make something happen and that she won’t become another love interest.

I really liked this episode because the story progressed between Subaru and Jirou, they make a cute couple after all. I especially liked the part where they ended up in the bath together, I love awkward scene like those, they are what drives the story forward and they are quite perverted too.  I especially liked how Konoe completely forgot that she was naked and went for a high jump kick in the air to defeat her father. Jirou most have had quite a view there, even if he missed her when she was in the sky, she was still standing top naked in front of him for quite some time nonetheless. Too bad she knocked him down so hard he can’t remember anything.

Now the final little moment of the episode, those final words of Subaru, this is what makes this episode oh so interesting. Subaru finally told Jirou what she felt for him, but how will Jirou react? After all he is gynophobic and while I’m sure he feels something for Subaru, I’m not sure he ever took those feeling seriously. It is certain that he won’t fall for her right away, there is still more than a single episode left, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a good progression in their relationship. It would be really nice if we could see one full episode where Jirou and Subaru are going out together, after all with Subaru need to acts like a man and Jirou gynophobia, it wouldn’t end the story and the possibility of funny situations.



I hope that they will end up in a relationship soon, they are so wonderful together. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy watching them get in ever more embarrassing situations.


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