R-15 episode 8: Ecchiless Date


Takuto and Narukara are going on a date together in their first day off.



Love is in the air at the school of geniuses. It is always weird when we get to see romance in this ecchi show, since after all, no one would expect something not completely perverted to happen in this show. But it seems that the heavy ecchiness is slowly quieting down. I must admit that I have a hard time finding some of the stuff ecchi worthy when there is a white bar in the middle of my computer screen.


Now the episode was supposed to be…cute? I guess. Narukara is really innocent, she is so innocent I wonder how she managed to survive in that world for so long. She seems unaware that she is not supposed to walk around naked in a love motel with someone she barely knows. At that point she doesn’t qualify for innocent anymore, she is just straight up ignorant. I still wonder why she is considered a clarinet genius, since it seems she can only play a single song and it is not even that hard a song. She is far from the girl I wish the main character would have fallen for. I like the dirty photographer or the cute willing and game idol way better. In the end every girl in the show are beautiful and they are all stupid as hell, might as well go with those that are the most willing towards sex.


The episode was not to my taste, too much dating, not enough sexting. No one watch a show about a porn novelist for its love story, they watch it for the porn, get it right ! The nosebleed level for this episode was supposed to be 50%, Kamisama Dolls has more ecchi than that and it is not even an ecchi show, what the hell. At first I liked the idea of a ecchi that had no other purpose but to be ecchi to the maximum, but as of late this promise faded away and now there seem to be more romance than random nearly-hentai scene. It is disappointing from my horny male point of view.


Anyway let’s see what we had in term of interesting scene.



That’s it? I wasted 30 minutes of my life for so little? I want a real ecchi, not some half ecchi stuff.




I hope we see more ecchi soon, I don’t watch this show for a cute little romance, I watch it for ecchi. Who would like a romance story in such a random and sexist show anyway?


ZeroG signing off

2 thoughts on “R-15 episode 8: Ecchiless Date

  1. I totally agree with you on how this show shouldnt have any romance. This show should just go ecchi all the way! and if they can stop putting so many damn censor bars…. so damn annoying.
    On another note, that girl is so….. whats the right word? clueless? stupid? iono she isnt aware about the love hotel, and how she was almost nude right in front of a guy.

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