Steins; Gate episode 18: Date and Traps


Okabe needs to undo Rukako’s D-mail and turn her back into a man, but before he does Rukako has a last request, she wants him to go on a date with her.



Okabe going on a date with a real girl? What is this non-sense ! A mad scientist cannot possibly have any relation with a women, he is doomed to live forever tormented and alone. In all seriousness, this episode was quite different from what I was becoming to expect from Steins; Gate, it was a little less interesting than the previous episode, maybe it was because the only obstacle on the way were Rukako’s emotion.

Rukako always loved Okabe, but he never could go out with him because he was a guy, now that he is a girl he finally got the chance to do it, but in the end, the date failed and the only time things worked out was when he acts the way he used to back when he was a guy. In the end, maybe the best Rukako could wish for was to become a guy once again. Okabe will never love Rukako anyway, the best he could hope for was a true and sincere friendship and what better way to have that than be the same sex? They can now have a beautiful, weird, bromance going on. After all isn’t bromance just as romantic as a romance? it is just as beautiful, just in a more manly way.


It was quite disturbing to see Daru and Kurisu trying to give Okabe advice on a date. Daru is just a perverted fat basement dweller while Kurisu is your average virgin 2channer. If anything Okabe is the closest to a Don Juan in the group. I really can’t believe Daru will one day get laid and have a daughter. The mother must be some kind of horrible fat monster of ugliness, that or Daru becomes a decent and well fit man in the future.



Funniest part of the episode would be when Daru was trying to be sneaky and not to be noticed while following Okabe and Rukako, he is so fat that no matter how hard he tries to hide, there is still 2/3 of his body not hidden by his cover. Stealth is not an option when you are fatter than the building you are trying to hide behind.

What I really like during the episode was not the Rukako x Okabe going on, but more to see the jealous expression on Kurisu’s face. I want for Okabe to finish with Kurisu at the end, but Okabe is so clueless and he has so much to worry about, that he doesn’t have time to notice that she is the only one he can share his mind with. Kurisu is just as stubborn and excentric as he is and they are both virgin nerds scientist. They are made to be together, I find Mayuri a little too innocent and clueless for the great mad scientist Hououin Kyoma.



This episode was a little less interesting than usual, but it was nonetheless good in its own way, it was more directed towards cuteness and romance than psychology, science-fiction and action. It was a good change of pace, but I hope next week go back to the intense stuff, it should since after all next week we’ll have to deal with Moeka.


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2 thoughts on “Steins; Gate episode 18: Date and Traps

  1. “Daga…otokoda…”

    Nice to hear the same lines from the second episode. ^^ I laughed my head off during the cuts of Kurisu’s presentation and Rukako’s debut, and now a little of that episode has seeped into this one, I couldn’t help but giggle even though it was meant to be a little…sad? A turning point?

    Am I the only one unsettled by Mayuri’s gaze? Her eyes look way too creepy to me sometimes…especially during the opening… Even though she’s pretty innocent and clueless and all…

    1. The wisest of all know that happiness only comes to the ignorant, maybe Mayuri understand way more than we are lead to believe. Is she really the clueless girl we think we know? Or is she really a genius in disguise?

      To be honest she is most likely the clueless girl we know, but she can feel people better than anyway else, her eyes can stare into your soul and read your mind. That might be what you find creepy about them.

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