Steins; Gate episode 22: Okabe you fool !


Kurisu and Okabe have a long talk together to try to figure out the best way to get to the beta world line…and the consequence of doing it.




Oh no you didn’t. OKABE! Did you really sacrifice your love, did you really let Kurisu to die for Mayuri’s pathetic life. I won’t forgive you, now not only you failed to protect the one you really loved, but you failed to save the world too.

Okabe was finally able to communicate his love for Kurisu, even her was able to set her ego aside and was nearly able to say the words “I’m in love with you”  but the world has moved and it is now at the beta line. Back where it should have been. Or is it where it should have been? Kurisu is dead, but it seems that the future is still in danger. Amane is back from the future once again, but this time she knows who her father was. This is the only thing that has improved since the beginning, but in the end the future is still in peril.  What now Okabe? What will your heart guide you to do? You tried to save Mayuri, you tried to change the world, but you failed. Maybe Mayuri simply isn’t meant to live, maybe she is the reason why this world is so cruel. Kurisu should be the one allowed to live, she is intelligent, caring, tsundere and most of all she is in love with the main character. She needs to be brought back, Okabe needs to save her, save the scientist, save the world.


I was hoping that Okabe was lying throughout the episode, that he said everything he did only to recomfort Kurisu but that in the end he would choose her instead of Mayuri. But no, that idiot decided that killing the love of his life for a stupid useless childhood friend was the best idea. He might not be a scientist, but he sure is mad. He lost his reason long ago, he is but the empty shell of a man, Kurisu was the only thing left that was holding him together and now she is gone too.

I was so grateful that this was not the end, I don’t want this show to finish like this, I don’t want for Kurisu to be forgotten. Now we are up to a new start. A new world line, new events, same outcome. What has changed? What needs to be done now? Amane is back and will most likely help them, but does she really hold the power to help Okabe? Without Kurisu the world is lost.

Now here is my theory. Amane was brought back from the future to kill Kurisu to save the future since Kurisu is helping SERN in that future, but maybe if Amane never gets to live, Kurisu would survive even in this world line. Maybe Okabe simply have to kill Daru to save the world. After all Daru is just a fat pervert who is handy with computer, it is not a big loss…well actually it is literally a BIG loss, but you know what I mean. Of course this is pure speculation from me, but I hope I’m right and Kurisu can be brought back to love and be loved by Okabe and be happy forever after.




This episode was awesome, It made my inner fan rage so much, this is exactly what a show must do, make you react and care enough about the characters that you cry or get furious when something bad happens to them.  I’m looking forward to what is next in this awesome show that is Steins; Gate.


ZeroG signing off

3 thoughts on “Steins; Gate episode 22: Okabe you fool !

  1. The ending of this episode was truly awesome XD
    WWIII?!?!?!? sounds awesome.
    Maybe it was best not to return to the beta world line.
    I cant believe such a damn good anime is coming to an end T.T

    1. You never know what happens when you change history, the butterfly effect has dangerous consequence sometimes

  2. My gripe is with both his choice of mayuri over kurisu, and WHY did it timeleap… he was neither connected to the device nor was the microwave even on. they simply deleted the data on SERN’s database, why did he leap through universes? /no connection.

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