Yuru Yuri Episode 6: True Art

LOLworthy enough for me to keep the subtitles in on purpose ^^


Most of the episode had the Amusement Club participate in various forms of art, including clay sculpture and Chinatsu raping a piece of “artwork” beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Kyouko, Akari and Chinatsu then visit Yui and her younger relative Mari at Yui’s house, where Chinatsu dresses up as Mirakurun but snaps at the last minute, revealing to Mari that she was a fake all along.


This was a strong episode, with no areas at all that I felt were particularly lacking. I feel that the show’s actually improved, and recovered from the small drop a few weeks back. And the main reason for this is because it made me LAUGH. A lot. Though this may sound really cliché and a bit cheesy after the episode, anyone who watched it can’t deny that it was pretty funny all the way through, even with a Meruru Chinatsu-centric episode.

We all have our different interpretations of art, including R-15’s “strip and paint” and I can’t believe what Yuru Yuri came up with in that respect. While Kyouko is a pretty good artist (you know, cause she’s pretty much good at everything) Chinatsu completely raped her doujin (can you even CALL it a doujin???) and was oblivious to how bad it was, even amongst Yui and Kyouko’s WTF faces. Poor Akari had messed up the pages of her artwork, and it was pretty obvious that the episode would cut to the ED before she could show us anything xD

The lesbian references were messed around with even more through the clay sculpting – which was surprisingly entertaining. I’m not sure what pixelated fucked up mess Chinatsu was making, but knowing her, it was probably Yui getting raped by her in the most violent way possible xD Kyouko’s Meruru Chinatsu figure with spread legs ended up being given to Yui, who in turn gave it to her younger cousin for SOME wierd reason.

Mari, the little girl turned out to be a huge fan of Meruru Mirakurun, and in an attempt to keep her happy, Chinatsu leads her around town, only to snap at the last minute turning into her inner bitch in the process, leading Mari to recite one of life’s harsh truths: “Onee-chan, life is sour.” Well, having a slutty clay figure of Meruru doesn’t help at all ^^

Funnily enough, I didn’t notice the absence of the Student Council until long after the episode was over (even more than Akari’s absence) – and I didn’t actually mind at all. In fact, it might have even been a good thing. When the Student Council was part of the cast, there wasn’t enough development of the main characters and instead, time was spent on one-liners such as Chitose, who wasn’t sorely missed at all in my opinion. Sadly, the whole Student Council is back next week =/

This episode was an example of how Yuru Yuri needs to be – a lesbian slice-of-life comedy that makes people laugh. If too many characters are introduced, the original cast becomes a bit bland, and blandness halfway through the series isn’t what we need.

0 thoughts on “Yuru Yuri Episode 6: True Art

  1. This episode was indeed hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.
    I feel like next week episode is gonna suck… We gonna be seeing the nosebleed girl bleed every damn minute -_-”
    Gotta love that little girl though XD

    1. It’s Christmas already next week…for some reason the show’s racing through all the seasons in just a few eps. But yeah, we’re going to have pretty much the rest of the cast with all their one-liners ^^ We need more characters like the little girl xD

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