Yuru Yuri Episode 8: Not an April Fools


Chitose tells Ayano a string of unbelievable statements on April Fools day, however they all turn out to be true, especially the one about winning the lottery having a twin sister.


I don’t think Akari’s ever been kicked out of an episode that quickly before, and she seems to have dragged down Chinatsu with her as well. If that grants more screentime to the new character, Ikeda Chizuru, then I wouldn’t have minded as much until I learned she was Chitose’s sister. I actually thought Chizuru was Chitose during the library scene, even though I remembered mentioning her green eyes in last week’s preview, I totally missed it here. Being the Yuki Nagato of Yuru Yuri quiet, reserved and slightly tsun version of Chitose that seems to always get bitchy around Kyouko, she was essentially how I would have always liked Chitose’s personality to be, until she started drooling. Well, instead of a character that displays the same gag over and over, we now have TWO people that can take off their glasses, fantasize about a yuri pairing and nosebleed/drool until someone sorts it out. Charming.

It must run in the family or something.

Its getting kinda old very quick, it would have been better if they had introduced a new character that was completely unique, instead we have a carbon copy of Chitose, who was already a one-liner. Anyway, it turns out that every single thing Chitose told Ayano on April Fools day was the complete truth, including Kyouko having smelled her shoes as well as Chitose winning the lottery, which she should have used to buy a huge house and a car or something, even though she can’t necessarily drive it.

There seemed to be a lot less content and humour, and lots of time was wasted on scenes like Kyouko trolling in the library and everyone standing in the school hallway. Personally, having a setting like April Fools in a comedy-yuri show like this has limitless possibilities, most of them involving Kyouko, and I felt more or less all of them were wasted, with no pranks or jokes being made at all. If I’m not mistaken, a scene from next week shows a person who could be the student council president, so I guess a second new character will be introduced. Overall, it was an alright but slightly boring episode – Yuru Yuri has really entertained me in past eps, but this week wasn’t one of them.

0 thoughts on “Yuru Yuri Episode 8: Not an April Fools

  1. I really liked the new character they introduced, but the moment she started to drool from removing her glass just killed it…
    So far Chizuru > Chitose

    1. Yeah, their personalities are complete opposites, and bitchy is always more interesting than nice.

  2. Agreed with everything you said about this episode.
    I don’t feel much for Chitose, mainly because her character’s like a one-trick-pony with no real connections to the rest of the cast (except for being friends with Ayano, but that relationship isn’t portrayed nearly as well as the other relationships)
    I like Chizuru a little more than Chitose because she dislikes Kyoko and isn’t afraid to show it. Yet, I just dislike the chain of fantasizers (Chizuru -> Chitose/Ayano with Chitose -> Ayano/Kyoko with Kyoko -> herself/Yui/Chinatsu). The fantasies feel like a cheap cop-out and prevent us from seeing actual interactions.

    1. We need more interactions like what happened with Akari and Chinatsu xD Kyouko manages to provoke Chinatsu into funny situations though, but I do agree with the rest of your chain. Actually, I remember seeing a Yuru Yuri relationship diagram floating around somewhere, I might put it up next week.

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