Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 10: All’s Well that Ends Well



Class B’s Nemoto tries to complicate things several times, but Akihisa manages to provoke Shimizu into starting a one-on-one ESB with him on the rooftop to sort out their problems and differences.


For fans of the Minami route, myself included all is not lost! After hearing Akihisa proclaim to Shimizu that he does have an interest in her, that is. Similar to what I predicted for this episode last week, Akihisa had to juggle between Minami’s feelings and the possible ESB with two classes without losing out to either of them. I was actually quite surprised at how sharp Shimizu was, managing to figure out the situation about how Akihisa dotes on Himeji so much more than Minami – even at the start all he talked about was making sure Himeji wasn’t transferred out, which pissed off Minami even more than she was already. After the ESB, Minami ended up overhearing Voyeur’s tape of Akihisa’s speech, turning her all dere and resolving all the problems thus far (:

The ESB was welcomed, it’s a part of the show that I always enjoy. It’s a bit of a pity it was only a short one-on-one though, I would have liked a full class war between Class F and Class D. Instead, they focused on beating the shit out of Akihisa to keep Shimizu happy =/ I’m not sure why Nemoto from Class B is satisfied, if his intention was to keep his reputation up by beating Class F, why back down now? Its not like they did any fighting, and the person Voyeur took out would probably sink his reputation even lower. While its true Class F will now give him a few more problems, nothing’s really been solved on his side. Not that it matters anyway.

I hope we aren’t back at square one with the love triangle. Akihisa seems to be as clueless towards Himeji as normal (consciously, anyway) however he does seem to have progressed with Minami. Hopefully he might end up going out with one of them at the end of the series, though that’s probably too much to hope for given his natural idiocy.

Next week there’s going to be an abundance of slapstick, as its an episode probably solely focused on Yuuji and Shouko (remember the Kisaragi Park ep from Season 1?) It’s a bit hazy but I remember enjoying that one, so I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Similarly to other shows I’m wondering if things are gonna end with a bang, or go out rather weak as there are only 2 possible episodes left not counting next week, considering that not much plot will go on.

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