Bleach episode 339: Overpowered Zanpakuto

Kageroza has finally obtained his power and has started kicking Ichigo’s sorry ass.

Another boring filler episode that makes you remember how much you want this arc to be over already. The episode is full of action and development, but I just don’t give a damn anymore. Ichigo is in hollow form but he seems to be able to control himself even when he is supposed to have lost the fight against his hollow self. Now Kageroza is super powerful and he will destroy the world with his uber power.


It is the second mad scientist I see get stab today

Talking of Kageroza’s power, it is really unique and I feel like no one could ever match this level of zanpakuto. I never saw any other character in the show that could replicate an opponent attack and redirect it to his opponent. In all seriousness, his zanpakuto does the exact same thing as Ukitake’s zanpakuto, except it is not as strong. Ukitake’s zanpakuto replicate and attack too, but it even enhance its strength ten fold or something along those lines. Kageroza’s zanpakuto is not as strong as he thinks, he is just able to overthrow those lieutenant level character because he is a steroid boosted Reigai.


Stop right there criminal scum

Now the really boring and disappointing thing about this arc is that I can already tell you more or less how it will end. The part of Nozomi inside Kageroza will at some point regain power and stop Kageroza from using his full power and it will help Ichigo defeat Kageroza. Also Ichigo will most likely use a huge amount of power and lose even his hollow powers and therefore return to normal and Nozomi will be killed when Kageroza dies and in some way we will see her drop a tear or similar and die thanking everyone and Kon will be crying.



The formula for the arc is so uninteresting that I just don’t care about the fighting anymore, since fighting without a cause doesn’t mean anything. It is not even that the fighting is not awesome, I simply loved how Kyoraku owned Byakuya, since I dislike Byakuya and love Kyoraku, but in the end it did not changed my opinion of the episode, it was just not enough to change my mind. Maybe if next episode Kyoraku single-handedly defeat everyone while drinking sake and flirting with the girls around I will be sufficiently impressed to overlook how meaningless the arc is.


In conclusion, I guess that I just don’t care enough about this arc anymore to give meaningful reviews, or maybe it is really so sucky that no one can actually like any of the fillers episodes.


ZeroG signing off


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  1. You’ll be glad to hear Bleach is going back to canon material on October 11th, with the proper manga arc xD

    This also means this mess that the filler created has to all go back to normal in 3 episodes…rushing much?

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