Huey and Dalian meet an odd lady who plays the violin like no other and the sound of her work makes everyone around her happy. But the song she plays turn out to be a phantom score.


Let’s go to another mysterious adventure of Dantalian No Shoka! This time around no book is involved, instead scores are involved. A cute episode about a robot with feeling who plays the violin like no others. This episode felt like such déjà vu, there was already an episode where sense were involved with a phantom books, more specifically the uses of sense to create something that made you feel so good it was like a drug. We also already had an episode where people were dolls looking like real human and we already had countless episodes where everyone involve in the story, except for Dalian and Huey, dies.

The episode was not even bad, it was entertaining to watch and beautiful as usual with thousands of polite ~desu from Dalian at the end of every single one of her sentences, but there was nothing really new. This is the 10th episode of Dantalian No Shoka and there is still not an inch of story development, or character development for that matter.The Universe of the story is not explore much either, there is this sort of mini development in the side-story that last about 3 minutes total with young Huey and the biblioprincess, but it is so meaningless of a story that it doesn’t amount to anything in the long run.

I guess there is 2 more episode of Dantalian No Shoka and I am not looking forward to any of the two. It is not that they will be bad, just that there is really nothing to look forward to, the story isn’t going anywhere, it is just a continuous repeat of the same things over and over again. I can predict the next few episode, Huey and Dantalian will meet someone odd in the street, they will investigate that person, figure out that they have a phantom book, that person will die, the phantom book will either be destroyed or recuperated by Huey and Dalian. The End. You know this is true, of course what is interesting is not the formula but how the formula is used, but keeping the same formula for 10 episodes or so is kind of boring.

Artist and hipsters will love this show, but no matter how beautiful and intelligent the show is, I cannot get myself to like it since the story is so inexistent.  If only the story was on par with the atmosphere of the show, it would have been incredible….oh well, I guess this show was just too good for me, only 2 more episodes before I can kiss this beautiful anime goodbye.


ZeroG signing off