Dantalian No Shoka episode 9: Let me tell you a story


Some Insects are attacking the village, but hopefully Dalian and Huey are there to rescue the habitants of this world.




This episode was even more artsy than the previous one and it just blows my mind how beautiful this show is. It was a wonderful change of pace to see this completely different art style. It was also fun to see the story through the eyes of the main character of the book but not the main character of the show. Dalian and Huey were seen only a few times during the show, it is rare to see story told through the eyes of a secondary character.


I felt like a hipster while watching this episode

But if we go down to the story itself, it was really boring and with little suspense what so ever. The story if anything felt more like a troll or some bullshit filler episode than anything, now I’m not saying this episode was a filler, it just feels like, from the point of view of the story, every episode is a filler. There is never any continuity and consequence that carry to future episodes. It is just a new mini story with no real consequence every episodes and to be honest it makes it kind of uninteresting to watch the next episode. There are no cliffhanger, so you never have this burning desire to watch the next episode.


This episode made me remember the cartoons of my youth

This episode was fun and really different from the previous one because it was set inside a book. I was really confused during the show as to why the art changed to something so sketchy all of a sudden, it all made sense when the ending was revealed, but I was still left wondering during the show if the art department had not just lost some employees. I’m quite glad that the art team is still intact, since art is about the only thing interesting in the show. There are not many episode left to the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no ending what so ever and if the nothingness of the story just continued like that.


If anything I like the duo Dalian/Huey even if their character are stagnant and kind of unoriginal. Even if they were done over and over again I still love this kind of duo, the cocky and intelligent girl with the brave and obedient guy. Dalian is a much better Victorique than Victorique.




Surprising and quite different episode from the usual…in term of art that is. The story was just as meaningless as usual, but at least everything else was new an entertaining and in the end it is the only reason we are still watching this isn’t it?


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