Hellsing Ultimate Episode 8: Homecoming

IT’S OUT!!!! IT’S SUBBED!!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! Everyone, you should be overjoyed, because Hellsing Ultimate Episode 8 has been released, after a very long wait 2 fucking long years. I may not be a regular blogger here anymore and very late in posting this, however this show is mine, will always be mine and I will let no one else continue blogging it glares.
Anyways, episode 8 starts up, reminding us once more that it is the apocalypse everywhere, that everything is dying and that vampires are invading England, causing absolute chaos Meh, the usual. The population even starts hallucinating angels! Although, these aren’t hallucinations… Heck, these angels are in fact angels of doom, because what you thought was the apocalypse is only going to get worse as the Vatican’s Iscariot joins the fray and decides to make things even more chaotic YAAAAAY!.
Meanwhile, the Major asks casually if the “thing” is ready. Oh, there may be a lot of things that come through your head, but it turns out that the thing is in fact Walter who has been brainwashed/zombified to the other side gasp WALTER!!! WHY U EVIL NAO?!?!?!. Then we learn that Alexander, the badass priest, has decided to turn against Maxwell because the said crazy maniac has betrayed Integra and is no longer a “weapon of God” now.
So basically… Walter turned against his allies unwillingly, but he still did so, Maxwell turned against his “allies” I wouldn’t really know what to call them, and Alexander turned against his allies. This has much more backstabbing than I expected O_o. But let’s keep watching.

I'm down for badass killing time :3

It is at around that time that Seras decides to show up and save Integra’s ass, only for her to sense another presence coming closer I’ll let you try and guess: He’s psychotic, he’s awesome, and loves killing people 🙂: Alucard is coming home WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!. With this, he asks Integra what he should do, to which our lady replies that he should kill everything in sight and have as much fun as possible. “Search and destroy”, my friend! Make me happy as I watch bloody gore and sadistic murder!
Side note: Dracula looks SO badass.

It only takes Interga’s order for Alucard to then grow immense and to send a wave of death and I’m not even using metaphors to all that exists. It turns out that whenever Alucard sucked up the blood of someone, he took their lives as his own, which means he has an infinite amount of lives since he has been living for ages and sucking an incredible amount of blood since he became a vampire like a Boss. Alucard becomes once more Count Dracula, the man he was before, and basically invades the already invaded city only to make it feel even more like hell and here I thought it couldn’t get any worse... This causes the death of Maxwell, which causes the Vatican to retreat from the war and to leave as fast as they came so much for attempting to win… They showed up for an episode and died in the same episode… Fail. In the end however, Alexander stays and decides to attack Alucard’s body, which now hosts no other lives other than his own.

After an intense fight that lasts for about 20 minutes, Anderson becomes an absolute monster, and it is after this that he ends up killing Alucard for good. No, this is not a joke, our favourite vampire has actually gotten stabbed and looks as dead as can be, with the dramatic scream from Seras and all then again, it’s Alucard and there’s still 2 whole episodes left… Maybe he’s not dead after all.
OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! There’s just so much I need to say that I dunno where to start!

I guess I’ll go with the most important first, which is Alucard’s “death”. Yes, it is in quotation marks, because I just can’t believe that he may be completely dead. Alucard is so freaking immortal that for him to die would be a fucking miracle. The only way he would die (and that is pure theory, yet it would be absolutely marvelous) would be if Seras drinks his blood and becomes the ultimate vampiress. Which would be possible… I mean, I seriously don’t know how they could make Alucard live right now, he was stabbed and has absolutely no more bodies left in him, so… If he’s alive then there’s something seriously wrong somewhere Then again… It’s Alucard. Who knows.
Talking about Alucard’s immortality, it’s good that they finally explained why he was so freaking strong and unbeatable. His power is in fact kinda logical more than it was before, anyways and really badass because with that power it shows how much of an awesome and psychotic vampire Alucard was in his young age oh, the nostalgia, because it’s what made him become this humongous unbeatable thing. Actually, the source of his power makes it really awesome and explains why he wanted Seras to drink blood so much, because it does give a vampire its powers. It also explains why Seras is my favourite character since she drank Bernadotte’s blood, because she’s just that awesome now. When I saw her in this episode, I was way too overjoyed and fangirling and then Alucard showed up, and I think I hyperventilated. Although I was happy that Alucard was gone for a while in order to leave the spotlight to other characters like the fucking awesome Seras, I’m happy that he’s back. You know, the show’s just not the same without him. Moreover, at this point Alucard can’t even be considered sadistic or psychotic anymore… He just kills everything so much it can’t be described anymore. Which makes him even more awesome than he used to be :).
Alucard, a psycho? Since when?

It also looks like Anderson and Walter have had their share in this episode. Apparently, Walter has been brainwashed, and now it looks like Anderson is a monster just like Alucard, or Dracula. It was also interesting to see our dear vampire’s reaction, because it seemed as though he was actually super deceived of Anderson. It looks like Alucard has a liking in the human mind much more than we’d expect him to have. Either that or he got scared shitless, but considering it’s Alucard I doubt it. I mean, come on.
Oh yeah, and also, observe another miracle we get to witness in this episode:
No, you are not hallucinating. Alucard (Dracula) really is showing good and affectionate feelings with this smile. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Finally, I’d like to point out the re-occuring amazing animation quality from this show. From the looks of it, the fact that the show changed companies didn’t change the quality of it, and if it did, it was only for the better, because daaaamn this was nice. Heck, I watched it streaming with the terrible quality and still loved staring at it. Seriously, when I got back to take the screencaps I just had to take tons you might have noticed… Might. IT’S SO PRETTEHHHH~
So basically, this episode had a huge amount of plot, sadistic moments, badass fights and some humouristic parts… Needless to say, it was very wonderful to watch. I luuuurved it :3 Next episode should air… Sometimes… If I have to wait 2 years again I think I will die… This is way too amazing.

2 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate Episode 8: Homecoming

  1. It was a amaizing episode, until that human Anderson totally messed it all up >.>
    but none the less, amazing
    do you have any full pictures of Alucards true form?

    1. I dunno if you saw it, but I do have one in this post XD If you’d like to have a better one, unfortunately I don’t because I thought the one up there was the most badass and so I didn’t take any others :/. And it’s true that the human Anderson was getting a bit boring in the end, it was cool ’cause people were dying but that was about it. Although, I loved the part where he became thorns though, so it was okay in the end ;P.

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