Kamisama Dolls episode 10: The Devourer of Soul


Kyohei finally reveals the event of his past that link him to Mahiru and the tragedy that occurred that day.


Finally, finally the final piece of Kyohei’s past has been revealed, this last fragment is the information that was missing to complete the story. Now we can finally understand it all, this evil Kakashi that lurks under the Hyuga’s shrine is the reason why everyone has such twisted minds. Both Mahiru and Aki’s mind had been corrupted by the Kakashi and maybe Kyohei was affected too. One thing is certain, Kyohei was the first to be able to activate Kururi’s left hand for centuries, so there is no doubt that he is one of the strongest Seki there was. But he activated it only after losing his sanity, so maybe it really is Kyohei’s darker side that his such a great Seki.

In the episode we met a new character, Mahiru. That bitch is annoying but at the same time she makes a perfect crazy bitch. She is present to stir trouble in the story and to be honest I’d rather have her in the story than Utao or Kirio. If anything she is a girl with a tormenting past just like Kyohei or Aki, but it seems that with the Hyuga crazy killer of Seki are the norm, so even if the girl was crazy and mentally unstable she still maintained her power of Seki. I have no idea how she will benefit to the story, but now she has pinned down Aki and that can’t be good.  But Hibino is in danger now that this girl is around, she is blindly in love with Kyohei and love is a dangerous obsession.

In the memories of Kyohei it appears that Aki was even more of a douche than he is today. He was quite the unlikable character back then. Maybe Aki lost privilege over using his kakashi when it died in that fight, maybe it is at that point that he grew respect for Kyohei even more and that he started to realize how much he was a jackass and that he started to change for the better. Aki is, after all, a lot kinder and more awesome now than he was when he was younger. Sure he still kills people just for fun, but at least now there is an element of vengeance and sadness to it.


Yaoi tentacle rape!

Now what will happen next? I want to see Kyohei regain control of Kukuri, he looked like such a badass with it. He was able to single-handedly defeat the giant monster that consumed Seki’s soul. There is so many things that are still left unanswered even after so much of Kyohei’s past was reveal and the only thing I can think of is how Kyohei is awesome. After all even after all he has endured, he still hasn’t fallen into madness, or at the very least, not yet.



This is the episode I was waiting for and I was not disappointed, Kyohei’s past was revealed once more and now it seems that all of the pieces of the past have been brought back together, the only thing we have to looks forward now, is the future.


Friendly reminder: Terrorizing little girl is not cool

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