Kamisama No Memo-Chou episode 10: Tragic End


Ayaka’s brother is back in town and he brought many problems with him, some new drugs called Angel Fix is now distributed in the neighbour and some people already died from it.




I was expecting things to get really bad for the final arc, but I never saw that one coming. It was unexpected and so sad at the same time. How someone can crumble to pieces so easily, how someone can feel in such a corner that their only choice left is to escape this world. We still have no idea why she did it, we have a vague idea of how she felt because of her brother, but it was such a sudden ending. What went through her head at that moment? What were the reason that pushed her to do it, there is something important we  don’t know and since we can’t ask her the question directly anymore, we will need a messenger of the dead. Time to bring Alice into the affair.



The ending was seriously shocking, it is something I never would have expected from Ayaka, she was such a cheerful girl. I want to know why, why she did that, why would she choose death over life? Her life never looked so difficult, she had a job, many friends, she seemed to be healthy, the only thing she was missing was a decent family. But she was living just fine without any news from her brother for so long, why would the fact of having him back in her life destroy her joy of living so much?


She looks so sad...it is kind of heartbreaking

I never really liked her character, I never felt she was bringing much to the table, but for some reason I am still a bit shocked to see her gone. She was a supporting character and she was important for Narumi, now that she is gone, Narumi will be changed I am certain of it. It is always difficult to predict how someone will change after the death of someone important to them. Hopefully it will push Narumi to become someone better and he won’t just let himself despair and shut himself from the world. According to the preview for the next episode it seems that Narumi has finally decided to commit fully to the NEET investigation team and maybe this is a sign that he will finally become a real man and actually help everyone out.


Angel Fix, this will be at the center of this arc

Now I really wonder how Narumi will manage to move all the flower away from the roof all by himself, it was already a short notice job when they were two, now he will be all alone. The girl could have at least finished her part before killing herself, she was so selfish in her actions.


At least she died in the flower she loved so much


Ayaka is dead, she will be missed, but now at the very least she has become useful for the story, she will be more useful in her death than in her life. Now I just hope Narumi will make the right choice and try to avenge her instead of grieving.


ZeroG signing off


5 thoughts on “Kamisama No Memo-Chou episode 10: Tragic End

  1. Actually she’s still alive, unless they kill her off in the anime (she’s still alive in the novel), according to wiki she doesn’t die but falls into a coma.

  2. The fact Ayaka + Narumi were in the Gardening Club might not be a coincidence – the NEET gang were looking into the plants and flowers that were used to make Angel Fix, its very possible Ayaka could have accidentally come into contact with the original plant source in her greenhouse.

    Or after overhearing that her bro did drugs, willingly tried them herself?

    1. Or maybe she was making the drugs from the beginning without anyone ever noticing and she got in trouble somehow?

  3. I also feel that Ayaka being in the gardening club isnt just coincidence.
    I think that Ayaka was hiding her brother or something in the green house, and after finding out that her brother does drugs she got into a fight and was pushed off the roof.

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