Kamisama no Memo-Chou episode 12 [Final]: Dying for an Angel

Narumi decides to risk it all in order to destroy the drug circle that has taken Ayaka from him.

This was seriously a great ending for this anime. It was serious, it was dark, but it kind of piss me off that Ayaka woke up from her coma. I don’t like story like these to end so well, I want to see the characters try everything he can to save the day but in the end still lose. I don’t want a happy ending.


I wish the ending was the exact same, but with Ayaka never opening her eyes. I have little bad thing to say about everything else in the episode, it was a well executed ending. The case was solved in such a great way too.

In the end, when he was surrounded Hakamizaka snapped and took the drug for himself, such a great chemist decided to use his own weapon against himself, he was unable to face reality. You know someone is really a stupid asshole when he doesn’t even have the courage to stand up and face the consequence of what he has done. It was really a fitting ending for that crazy chemist, he died feeling left out in a dark and grim basement. In the end the Fourth and his men did not have to do anything to stop Hakamizaka, it was a little anti-climatic, but it was perfect this way. It was a little twist, where one would expect violence to erupt there was nothing to be fight. Everyone in there was either already dead or close to be.

I think it is a really bad business model when your drug kills your clients nearly every time. After all the point of a drug is that people get addicted to it, so you can always sell more and it is guaranteed sells. But if it kills your customers, then it is not a great market. The drug was a failure to begin with. Maybe if he was a little more of an economist and a little less a chemist he would have realized that. In the end it wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but at least Hakamizaka would have died looking a little less like a fool.


The one thing that surprised me in the episode was how brutal Narumi was with Toshi when he finally found him. Narumi had so much rage and hatred build up that he was most likely going to kill the guy if no one would have stopped him. Narumi was usually such a pacifist, it is crazy what love and hatred can do to someone. It can change someone for the best…or for the worst. In this case it was a good thing that Narumi’s friend were around to stop him, because I’m pretty sure Ayaka would not have been happy to learn that Narumi killed Toshi when she would wake up. That would have ruined any chance of Narumi to be with Ayaka, poor guy.

In the end, the episode was brilliantly done, I never really loved this show, but this last arc was really great and changed my mind a little about Kamisama No Memo-Chou. It still doesn’t make it on my list of the best shows of the season, but it was nonetheless fun and entertaining to watch.


ZeroG signing off



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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    The ending was indeed brilliantly done.
    I was also never fond of this anime but last arc was great, even better than the previous arc.
    I was actually happy that Ayaka woke up ^^
    If there is a 2nd season of this anime I would probably watch it.

    • ZeroG says:

      I would probably watch it too, even if it was not the best anime I’ve ever seen, it was still quite fun to watch. Also maybe with another season the character would have a better chance to develop even more, since there are so many of them

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