Kamisama No Memo-chou episode 9: I love sports


Narumi and the NEETs need to defeat a gang of Yakuza in a baseball game in order to save a video arcade.



I’m watching a show about NEETs. I would expect them to have fun with a sport video game, but to have them play the real thing? This episode was absolutely boring, but I guess it was to be expected.


Big tough guy who needs to challenge youngsters at a baseball game to feel better about themselves

I knew this filler was coming, I just never expected it to be this boring. As much as I like the show when there is a real arc going on, it really is shit when there is a filler. At the very least the last 5 seconds of the episode had a purpose. Now what was I supposed to like with this episode? how boring it was? How much I hate sports anime?  There is nothing of value in the episode, the story was uninteresting, the character were acting weird and out of character for the episode and I don’t give a fuck about baseball.


Alice is picky, but she has been seen outside without her stuffed animals before, this is just bullshit

Narumi did nothing special, Alice did nothing special, there even was a “moral” to the story. While the show tries to have a “real” sense to it, this episode made no sense. Yakuza solving a problem by playing a baseball game? Of course they will get intimidated by a bunch of nerdy kid! From the get go it is impossible to take this episode seriously and it doesn’t improve anywhere over time. I was hoping that at the very least something interesting would happen at some point, but turns out that no, there was no punchline, nothing interesting ever, just more baseball.


At least the Fourth is still awesome even in a boring episode

I don’t have much to say about this episode really, sport anime are not my thing, I don’t find them fun to watch or meaningful in any way. So let’s discuss what little information we have about the next arc instead. We know that it will concern the Gardening Club Girl and her brother who just came back to town. Meaning that the next arc will most likely be one similar to the previous one. Last arc too was about an old acquaintance that came back to their city and stirred all sorts of buried trouble from the past, this time It looks like it will be the same, but if last time the fourth was the one involved the most, this time it is someone much more fragile. I have no idea how strong that girl really is, sure she is around the NEET all the time, but that doesn’t mean she has lost her conscience yet. I guess we will see if her smile will stay or if she will go into a state of depression.




This episode was pure shit, but hopefully it marked the beginning of an interesting new arc that will justify such a boring filler. I hope that I am not wrong in hoping that the next arc will be great.


ZeroG signing off





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