Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 10: Let the Hunt Begin

Shouma awakens at the hospital and is in better condition than the doctors had imagined. Ringo apologizes to him repeatedly and feels guilty. When a nurse (Masako in disguise) arrives, drugging Shouma’s food and sends Ringo out to get tea, she kidnaps Shouma, holding him hostage and requests the other half of the diary, otherwise she’ll kill him.

Whoa, okay I’m. First thing I’ll mention to get it off my back is that they totally blew the budget for last week’s episode because this episode’s animation, was really bad.
Most certainly a shocking development as it looks like the ‘game’ Masako had mentioned. It looks to me that she too is facing similar or even the same circumstances and needed to optain the Penguindrum to perhaps save Mario’s life, another child who I wonder if he’s her brother who has the penguin hat.
This also isn’t the first time we seen Mario. In the previous episode we’ve seen him from Himari’s POV at the zoo when they were looking at the penguins.
I think it’s clear now that the ‘whole ‘game’ sounds alot like the one who gets it first wins. After all, this game is called, ‘Survival Strategy’, let the strongest contestant win.
I’m also confused whether Masako is Kamba’s ex or not. It was very interesting to see that Himari’s questions about what boys wouldn’t like to have as a gift and Tamba’s answers came into play. All his answers were exactly what Masako had shown him. An over-the-top bento, crazy wedding cake with sparklers, and of course- a badly knitted sweater with the boy’s name on it within a big heart! On top of that, instead of shooting him, she kissed him, and he’s like, “OMG WTF?!”
As for Shouma, my god. The poor guy needs a break from all this drama! Out of all the characters, he’s the one who is always wounding up into the worse situations! I also feel bad for Ringo since she feels so guilty and was so desperate to make sure the Shouma was going to be alright, to the point that she given up the diary despite what Kanba had told her to hold on to it.
I think it’s clear that Ringo is completely snapped out of ‘I must be Momoka’ mindset. She is well aware of what she’s doing now and not making choices because she had written it in the diary, but because she wanted to for the sake of protecting another. She’s in for a bitch fit from Kanba next week.
Now here’s the next thing I wanted to mention.
Remember last week we’ve seen Himari’s penguin roll over and reveals the book Sanetoshi had given her? Remember how I wondered whether if that book is truly the penguindrum and not Destiny Diary?
If that’s the case, then Masako has the decoy.
Moreover, lets say that the Destiny Diary that is now in the Masako’s hands is the penguindrum, do you think that’ll be it? Do you think that’ll be the only book they’d have to obtain? I also wonder just what is this Project M that Masako is talking about. God, first we’re told that Project M was Project Maternity by Ringo, but now it looks like it’s going to be something else! O____o
This show is truly a mystery. I’m looking forward to the next episode. I’ll be crossing my fingers for the quality to return too!


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0 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 10: Let the Hunt Begin

  1. i don’t get why people are freaking out over the quality/animation of the episode. yeah there was a couple frames that were lazy, but it’s still great animation compared to plenty of other shows. why do we set our standards so high for animation to be flawless, when the artwork and story is so great? ridiculous

    1. *Shrugs* I wouldn’t say people are freaking out/over-reacting. I suppose the ‘out burst’ is caused because we can’t help but notice it. It’s just a point people tend to make due to observation, that includes myself of course. But you are right, the animation in this episode is still very good compared to other shows.

  2. I wouldnt say the animation itself was that bad, but whoever drew the keys for this episode did a freaking terrible job and should either be fired or told to stop drawing the characters however they want -______-

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